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I have an 11 year old boy who is often labeled as shy. It always bothers me that he is labeled shy, because it instantly makes him feel awkward, to be talked about as if he isn't present and also to be labeled. It can be defeating for a child to be teased, ridiculed, or just playfully jabbed at about being shy. My own child used to lack personal confidence and often cried or trembled when it came time to use his voice, even for simple things like asking for what he wanted.

As adults we are aware how important it is to have the communication skills to navigate through our days.
We need to be able to use our voices to ask for what we need, to set boundaries to let others know what we're not okay with, to delegate tasks, to share our joys, etc. We can teach our "shy" children how to develop their voice even when they are just beginning to build confidence.

Through some tweaking of my own behaviors, and learning to communicate my own needs in a more effective way, I've been able to instill confidence in my child and give him back his voice. Slowly but surely he is learning to become heard.

I would love for him to meet children similar to him. Children who are labeled as shy or awkward. My child is vibrant, hilarious, smart and sweet. Many teachers at school over look these qualities and decide he is too shy to participate in certain things. It is my goal to help more children like him to get together and spend time having fun in their own ways without anyone judging them for being shy.

I recently bought something that used to bring me so much joy in gym class as a child. I bought a huge rainbow parachute! The kind that everyone stands around and flips in the air while someone runs underneath.

I would like to host a Meet up for a few children in the park.
There will be a loosely structured introduction followed by free play with the parachute. I will redirect their attention to the parachute play if needed.
There will be no mention of shyness or confidence. Just the chance to embody joy.

Bring your child and join us to help our children form connections and learn to interact freely with one another through intense fun!

About me: I have an 11 year old boy.
I am a women's embodiment coach. I help women rebuild their self-esteem and reclaim their personalities after a lifetime of people pleasing.
I am a motivational speaker empowering homeless women to become business owners.
I also have a residential cleaning business.

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