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If you are a beginner in the market or a day trader, long term investor, market scalper, fundamentalist, options or futures, technical analysis is one tool that we should all have in our tool box. Knowledge is POWER!

This group is for both the beginner to the advance investor. From the use of company fundamentals and technical charting roadmaps, we shall study the leading and lagging companies that make up the NYSE. Come join the group as we start out with the most basic technical layout and work our way into advance technical training. This group will be set up on support and resistance with the use of multiple timeframes and time periods coupled with volume trading to help spot institutional buyers to insure the most responsible buy-in number. Fundamentals will be an important decision-making tools for the longer term buy-in, but not the sole reason for buying companies on a shorter time period.

This group will be presented as an open classroom learning group. There will be no additional software nor website purchases discussed. We will discuss the old school charting system defining support and resistance. There are too many aspects of the market to list so here are just a few:

• Charting resistance

• Pivot points

• Box trading

• Technical signals such as cup and handle

• Bull and bear flags

• Shooting stars

• Hammers

• Moving averages

The design of volatility indicators along with MACD, RSI and many other indicators for there relationship to the market for the designer intend for their use. We will also cover charting out the indicator in specific time periods.

The phycology of the market will be an important discussion for more advance investment ideas to understanding the market and what it saying as well as where it is going . We will only use and show, up-to-date charts in "current time periods" and give examples of the lowest cost risk entry points. From there, we can track the moves in real-time to determine the advantages or disadvantages that this type of system offers. We will use stocks , ETF's , futures and indexes to test the system. Again, with no additional software.

We will discuss in great detail the bullish aspects of the market and how it is defined. We will also cover SHORT SELLING and how to spot short sellers from actual buyers in the market to help eliminate bear traps. With a full understanding of what a bull or bear trap is and how to benefit from both of them. It is my belief that if I don't understand SHORT SELLING, that there is no way to spot the traps therefore, I would only understand 50% of the market rather than 100%.

Market top or specific stock tops are triggered signals and are not just a one day event. We will study what makes up market TOPS as well as the BOTTOMS and why its not necessary to be the first one in to be a winner.

Hello, my name is Mark and I have over 18 years of trading and investing in this market. My hopes is to start this group off with between 20-30 in attendance, have a meet and greet for the first meeting and show an outline for the direction of the group. Those that decide this is what they are interested in can sign up as steady member for the next 12 classes. No new members will be added to this start up group unless they are up to date on the materials covered.

• Meetup Frequency - Every other week

• First 15 minutes - Review from prior meeting

• Next 1.5 hours - New Material

• Last 15 minutes - Stocks poised to make a move

This class will be structured in a way so we keep moving forward with technical analysis and the learning curve continues to progress. Unfortunately, if you miss a group meeting we will not be covering it in detail at the next meeting so we can keep the group progressing forward.

It doesn't matter if you are a Day Trader, Long Term Investor , Market Scalper, Fundamentalist , Options or Futures ....Technical Analysis is one tool that we should all be using.

Tools that you will need at the group:

• USB memory stick (so you can keep a copy of the charts and how too ..... for your at home charting)

• Laptop computer (Unfortunately, there won't be enough time to correct you or other individuals, the time will be limited due to the amount of material each night. However, additional computers will help to copy materials for other group members with UBS sticks)

Good Trading / Investing,


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