What we're about

Our goal is to support each other to build and diversify wealth through Multifamily Real Estate. We accomplish this by partnering and networking with other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs taking action in multifamily real estate investing.

But wait…Where are all the WOMEN?? One of the first things we noticed when starting out in multifamily investing was how heavily male-dominated the space. We aim to remedy that by introducing the opportunity for women investors to get out, get involved and offer solutions on how to navigate your 9-5, family and still achieve success in multifamily investing, either passively or as an active investor.

Don’t get us wrong, there are women KILLING IT in multifamily investing - but WE WANT MORE!!

The men are welcomed to come and support the ladies, especially if you have a nugget or two to share with us on multifamily investing.

Background: Pam and Nikki are multifamily investors, as well as, successful business owners, Real estate agent, Title Insurance Producer, homeowners’ of SF residential rentals. The dynamic duo co-founded Paragon Investment Partners in Jan 2018. Together they are invested in 154 units and counting. Their current real estate portfolio is valued over $8.7 million. They were able to acquire the vast majority of their units by partnering with a proven team, all while working full-time jobs.


By joining this group you will…

• Learn how you can receive extraordinary returns through Multifamily Investing.

• Meet local Multifamily Investors.

• Learn how local Multifamily investors have achieved success through partnerships

• Case studies

• Learn what pitfalls to avoid, and much more!

We are not selling anything.
We are not offering a course, seminar, or book for you to buy.
We are simply providing a place for local Multifamily Investors, specifically women, to help each other succeed.
There is no cost to attend.

See you at the TOP!!

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Why Invest in Multifamily?

Paragon Investment Partners, Inc.

We consider ourselves serial entrepreneurs. Having started our investment business a little over a year ago, we quickly learned the benefits of Multifamily Investing. Our kick-off meeting will focus on the advantages of investing in multifamily real estate and what it takes to get started in the industry. We will share our success story of how we went from 2 to 152 units in ten months through partnering and networking. Let us know where we can add-value to each other so bring your successes, big and small. Our goal is to celebrate and encourage every step of the way!!

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