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Do you have a fascination with the spooky, the strange and the unexplained? Do you like ghost stories? Do you enjoy hearing, reading or watching stories about the paranormal? Do you have an interest for unexplained mysteries? Do you look forward to Halloween?

This is a group for those who have an interest in the paranormal including ghosts, metaphysics, UFOs, Halloween, cryptozoology, Bigfoot, and they many other types of unexplained mysteries. Group activities could include Halloween activities such as visiting haunted house, ghost hunting, paranormal conferences, travel, ghost/mystery walks, and other activities that will be decided by the group.

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Paranormal Night at Ripley's Believe It or Not

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Is Ripley's Believe It or Not! of Grand Prairie actually haunted? It’s up to you to Believe It or Not! Join us at Paranormal Night at The Palace as we embark on a journey through the dark and ghost hunt with Vor-Tex Paranormal. Too ghoul for school? Learn how to use professional equipment in Ghost Hunting 101 to seek out spooky spirits. Tickets include entrance to all five Ripley’s attractions, and food and beverage. This is the normal price to Ripley's, so you can go through the attractions and participate in a Ghost Hunt for the same price. Bring any equipment you have! You can use the link below or buy on their website, just be sure to select PARANORMAL NIGHTS, Oct 18. Only RSVP after you have purchased your ticket. https://tickets.ripleys.com/grandprairie/ItemShow.aspx?node_id=182869&Grp=99B8175pyThbEFJK%2f5lLYg%3d%3d&Name=7%2fcJsV69RT%2bGZjFFALxJ0irFSDkXqXixqVinJb5IBMs%3d

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