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I am interested in starting a paranormal investigation team. I have formal experience as a team member for a group based in Augusta Georgia. I am looking for like minded individuals who are serious about investigating possible paranormal activity in an attempt to document and prove the existence of paranormal activity. The individuals I am looking to recruit will need no formal experience. I am not looking for a resident psychic or medium for this group but if you are either or both of those things you will not be restricted from joining. I just ask that you use more scientific approaches to these investigations using the equipment we will eventually acquire as opposed to your psychic abilities. If you already have equipment that would be a huge plus. Equipment costs will be shared by the group. We will need several pieces of equipment as well as operators for each piece. I am looking for the following positions:
1. 3 Co-Organizers: See below
2. 4 Historians: These people would research the properties we investigate.
3. 8 equipment Operators for EVP digital recorders, EMF Meters, Thermal scanners and Spirit Boxes.
4. Editors : 4 People who will review footage and create client files
5. Camera Man: 4 people to record investigations
6. Administrators: 2 people to monitor website traffic and to update the site after investigations take place with any footage. These people will also monitor email
The Organizer and Co-Organizers will interview potential clients and address their concerns prior to setting up an investigation. They will also prepare, with the help of the entire group, the final findings for the client.

The group will meet at least once every 2 weeks until there are active investigations. The time frame for meetups will accommodate everyone's schedule so please comment on your availability. The time frame for investigations will be at night. Some investigations may go into the early AM dependent upon the level of activity at the site. This group requires a serious commitment. While no one will be turned away from joining the group not everyone will be part of investigations. Your level of commitment will determine your participation.

Disclaimer: Unless a client agrees to have their story shared or publicized in any way it is PRESUMED all information relating to the client is confidential!

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