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Paranormal Nation is an in person and online community of individuals who have had experiences that cannot be explained by conventional science, have beliefs that more exsists than what we are told by conventional “wisdom” and are seekers of the truth. At Paranormal Nation we strive to create a safe place to share experiences and questions about the unclear, unknown and unexplained! Welcome to Paranormal Nation

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Halloween Meet Up!

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Currently in communication with a couple of locations for this very special Halloween Meet Up! Hoping to combine meetup with an Investigation this day/evening. I will put a cap of 15 people for this special event and hope this will also be acceptable for the location we choose. If you RSVP Yes for this event, please keep posted for updates and if the time or location we settle on is not right for you, please go in to meet up and change your RSVP to No. This will allow the automated system to move the first person on the waiting list in to your spot. I’m pretty confident that we’ll have a wait list so please be considerate of your fellow members if things change for you.

Since this meet up will fill up, I have turned off the “guest” button for rsvp’s. Each person attending will need to be a member and rsvp for themselves. If it’s a friend or family member you’d like to come with you, you can help them to join for free like you did! A “no show” with a “guest” would take 2 spots away from those who really could come and I don’t want to do that.

Please note: We May have to pay a fee to either investigate or even rent the meeting room depending upon the location. We will split this 15 ways if so and you can expect if this is so, for the amount to be $5 up to under $20 per person. Historically, I will not choose locations that will cost more than this and normally it is free. But for this Halloween event we may need to pitch in.

For those that can and will attend, I’m looking forward to a spooktacular Meet Up! With more details to come!

Happy Haunting! Kat👻

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