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CAN UFO WITNESSES OF DINOSAURS BE VERIFIED BY SCIENCE? YES we think so. How old are the Aliens and contact with us? The Dec 8th and 11th 1992 Mass abduction says only a few thousand years. 8 witnesses on the massive ufo describe the “dinosaurs” they saw in suspended animation? But what the science say... The latest science! Prepare yourself for a big shock. Scientist refused to do carbon dating on their “amazing and impossible” new finds. Dinosauria was the new name for DRAGON, in 1841 by Sir Edwin Owen. Proof that Dinosaurs have been with us in the “recent Past”. One eyewitness testimony of two (HUFON) investigators who witnessed a “dinosaur”. The (if we have time) we will review a remarkable short science film, showing “faster than light objects traveling away from us.

Brookdale Clear Lake

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The Alien Hunter will take us on disturbing aspect of the Hidden UFO Files: The cases are often referred to as the Animal and Human Mute cases. The cases Derrel will present are cases you have never heard of. They are not on the internet. These cases are from Brazil to Dallas, Texas. This will be a very different take and outline on this Bizarre and amazing subject. This presentation has never been presented to HUFON or any other Conference.

April 23rd is the 4th Sunday due to Easter falling on the 3rd Sunday.

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