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What are paranormal-supernatural experiences? Paranormal Talks is here to educate and help us find out what is paranormal-supernatural about us, particularly around our own consciousness. This includes controlled remote viewing (CRV), spiritual transformative experiences (STEs), such as afterlife contacts, OBE Astral projection, ET abduction-contact, ghostly encounters, Near Death Experiences (NDE), and their related psychic experiences, and more. Moreover, these phenomena have stood at the core of religious traditions across cultures and centuries. In secular terms our paranormal experiences suggest that our human consciousness is greater than the brain and broader than what we have believed possible; that these experiences may be quite different from its physical appearance; and that life itself cannot be fully measured by physical, scientific, or mechanistic definitions. With these phenomena and our discoveries regarding them, we now understand that we, i.e. our consciousness, continues to exist, joyously and freely, in other dimensional levels when we are still in our bodies, and, when we die, or rather transition, into other frequency levels. Requirements: open mind and willing attitude to learn something possibly outside our comfort zone.

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And here is a comment from NDEer Ian Mattinson via our YouTube channel-
‘We NDEers have brought back our experiences to share love from beyond this dimension and witness how our experience is affecting this dimension with healing. We also bring back energy to change this reality with our light. Further, I chose to come back to witness the great awakening of mankind, the evolution of awareness, love, and light.’

Paranormal Talks Purpose- To create heaven on earth. Share our spiritual transformative experiences, ask questions about the experience, hear speakers on related topics that support these experiences, discuss the spirituality of the NDE experience and bring in related tools and psychic abilities that help the experiencers and non-experiencers.


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A Course In Miracles Discussion Panel

Greenwood Village City Hall


Our human consciousness is all we have. Our temp flesh bodies house it for a ‘brief’ time. If our consciousness is all we have, would you like to discover how to wield it more effectively in your life? Do you really want to ‘see’ and get a feel for real human consciousness? Do you wish to make more of your consciousness and control it instead of letting it run all over your life? This Course in Miracles discussion panel is not for sissies. This is not a religion. It is a spiritual path. Join us and hear four expert and seasoned Course practioners. Hear what the Course has done to their lives and consciousness. Stretch your consciousness out-side the box. Ask questions. Test what you hear. The moderator and panel speakers come to us from The Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (RMMC). The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is our natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. This course can therefore be summed up very simply, in this way: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. ” — A Course in Miracles Introduction Panel Speakers Meribeth Wheatley Ms. Wheatley immigrated to the U.S. from England at a young age with her parents and brother. She discovered A Course in Miracles and felt drawn to study it. Participating in Miracle study groups helped her expand her understanding and she loves to share how A Course in Miracles has changed her life. Bud Ham Mr. Ham was born on a ranch near Carbondale, Colorado. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and working for Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph he started A.O. Bud Ham Consulting company. In the mid-1980’s, Bud received the three volume set of A Course in Miracles by a California dentist he had befriended. The dentist later told Bud, “I was told to send the books to you.” Contact Mr Ham-- [masked] Robert Bennet Mr. Bennet was born in San Antonio, Texas, into a devout Southern Baptist family. At the age of fourteen, he rebelled against what he saw as a fear-based teaching and began his spiritual search. In 2008 he discovered A Course in Miracles and knew it was an effective “method” of practicing spiritual principles. Today Robert leads seminars on healing, with a focus on “hands on” learning, in conjunction with the study of Course material. Phone:[masked] or mail: [masked] Jim Godfrey Mr. Godfrey has been a student of the Course for 25 years. Jim discovered that the beauty of the Course is knowing we can change our teacher from the ego to the Holy Spirit at any given moment so we can see through the vision of the Holy Spirit for true perception. Jim currently is a teacher for The Way of Mastery group held on Sunday mornings at the RMMC. Contact Jim at [masked]. Panel Moderator Ron Grow Mr. Ron Grow began his spiritual journey in 1969 after a head-on crash which killed another driver. He was not at fault but experienced anxiety and guilt. In therapy, he explored his belief system and released a lot of “old stuff.” He realized that by changing his thought system his experience of life was changing too. In 1981, he was introduced to the Course by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky. In addition to the Course material, Mr. Grow finds Hindu and Buddhist practices are helpful to him with the Course material. Ron currently serves on the Board of RMMC, and, oversees the Center’s Sunday Gatherings. Contact Ron at [masked] or phone[masked]. Feel free to check out brief videos- The Visionaries-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdXXoXZ4mBo Helen's Song ~ ACIM-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoS2Yqnz7JM After the meeting: gather at MadGreens Restaurant for more chat. Corner of Arapaho Rd. & Quebec St., Englewood, CO Feel free to call/text with any questions. See 'ya and take care. JJ[masked]

The Heart of Attraction: Attract Your Soul Mate or Improve Your Relationship

Greenwood Village City Hall


This workshop allows you to understand and practice creating Love on a deep level within yourself so you can attract your ‘soul mate’ or deepen within the relationship that you are already in. This class goes beyond how to manifest a ‘soul mate’ to fill an empty hole in your heart. Tuition-Fee discount: Paid before Thurs. June 20th - $20. Tuition-Fee after Thurs. June 20th - $25. To reserve your space please get your discounted tuition by clicking on the link- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-heart-of-attraction-attract-your-soul-mate-or-improve-your-relationship-tickets-60231977466?ref=estw Or, just send check to Robert Blond, 1363 South County Hwy. 67, Sedalia, CO 80135. We examine beliefs that get in the way of that connection as well as practice ones that allow you to truly create a healthy and loving relationship. This is one of the most important recommendations the Death Experiencers bring back to us from their death….love yourself first. Love yourself best, as our Creator wishes this for each one of us most of all. There are many ways we attract friends and sexual partners into our lives, each person striving for intimacy and connection. However, many relationships appear to produce the opposite. You may find yourself being disappointed because the ‘Spiritually aware’ person you thought you manifested turns out to be filled with seemingly unending negative unconscious patterns and addictions. We discuss how to use the laws of attraction to create that connection, instead of just a fantasy image that you might have. This class goes beyond how to manifest a ‘soul mate’. We will practice on becoming present within mindful awareness to enhance the understanding ‘that there is no thing outside of Self’. In this Workshop: * We cover the ’20 Steps for Healing Pains and Conflict in a Loving Relationship”. * How people ‘bond’ with others from lower levels to higher levels. * Commitments one can make to create an intentional awareness or healthy relationship. * Loving presence exercises. * How your energy fields or Chakra energy attracts or pushes away others. * How you use the Laws of Attraction on multiple levels to create your life and relationships. Seminar Leader, Robert Blond Robert Blond is a psychotherapist. In addition Mr. Blond is a Master Teacher in Self-Awareness, Mysticism and Metaphysical. Since 1979, Mr. Blond has delivered over 14,000 Edgar Cayce Style Past Life and Health Readings. He has conducted Edgar Cayce style Past Life Crossings, and, Past Life Flow Readings since 1977. These readings have dramatically and positively changed and improved people’s lives by giving them insights as to their 'karmic' patterns and their belief systems that 'get in the way' of 'seeing' their deeper vision in life. See his website at: http://robertblond.com/index.html Call/text with any questions JJ[masked]. See you then! [masked]

Into Darkness with a Shaman

Greenwood Village City Hall


We are surrounded by other dimensional worlds. Come with us and step in to a Shamans world. Enter the darkness with us and discover how a shaman heals. Experience how a shaman conducts a paranormal investigation when they enter a house seeking to banish a dark energy, dark portal, or dark entity [demon]. Here Ms. RavenStar will describe what and how she senses all the energies in a house or the land of a property…much as Amy Allan does during her Dead Files forays. Learn of the process RavenStar uses to rid a home of dark energies. A couple of RavenStars' past clients will be in attendance telling you of the dark energy in their house, on their land, and what RavenStar did to heal their land. Open to the public. $12.00 donation Sponsored by http://www./ParanormalTalks.com Then, after the meeting coffee break, RavenStar will explain and show you how she is able to look into your body and tell you everything that is occurring in your body; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And finally RavenStar will show you the modalities she uses to help you with what she see’s, whether it's source is from past lives, or entities, or life issues past trauma. See RavenStars Website at-- www.melissaravenstar.com Speaker RavenStar RavenStar, like many highly gifted psychic-mediums, saw spirits as a young child. A born medium, RavenStar experienced great fear of being attacked by unwholesome entities, and, did not understand her gift. This caused her much depression and invoked suicidal feelings. Then in her 20’s, RavenStar found her first mentor. Today she feels called to fight for and help others. RavenStar is a shaman, something our American society has lost and still needs. RavenStar is able to ‘see’ many things about others on every level. She’s found everything is fixable, even when others feel all is lost. Discover more at-- (970)[masked]. Call/text with any questions JJ[masked]. See you then! [masked] Paranormal Talks is an independent educational group that serves its members around transformational spiritual experiences, including the near death experience. Transformational experiences are many and from them spring many other paranormal, metaphysical, psychic, and other unusual events, newly acquired skills, and abilities. We deliver monthly meetings, monthly seminars and workshops, and, annual conferences. See more at www.ParanormalTalks.com

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Afterlife Connections with Loved Ones

Greenwood Village City Hall


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