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Welcome to M.A.P.I. and Paranormal Reality a meetup group organized by MAPI. We are looking for all open minded and skeptical investigators that would be willing to investigate the Virginia, DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and surrounding areas for unexplained events and paranormal activity. Dues are required to participate in these groups.

This is two groups,MAPI, and Paranormal Reality. MAPI is for the serious Ghost Hunter interested in helping people who are dealing with haunts in their private homes/lives a well as doing some public investigations. Paranormal Reality is more for the hobbyist who is looking for some answers or wanting to do some "for fun" public investigations. A major difference here is the time involvement: with MAPI you MAY be called upon on a moments notice to go out to a site especially if children are involved.

MAPI handles all private investigations and most members come from the Paranormal Reality group. While networking with other groups is fine for MAPI members we have found that actual participation in events sponsored by other groups can lead to a conflict of interest and discord in the group especially with private investigations, so membership in other groups is highly frowned upon and cannot be permitted without permission from the board of directors. There is no such restriction for Paranormal Reality members. Membership in MAPI usually comes from members of Paranormal Reality who have completed at least 5-10 investigations with the group and are members who will be a good fit with the group. Upon acceptance to MAPI the member will serve up to a year on probation before becoming a full fledged member to insure a good fit. There is no place for drama or internal discord here. We seek professionalism in what we do and confidentiality to our clients is of utmost importance. Membership in MAPI is limited to a max of 20 people. All MAPI Members must complete GH 101 before or during their probationary period.

Paranormal Reality is more relaxed and these investigations, while still being professionally done, do not have the time constraints of a private investigation. GH101 will be offered to Paranormal Reality members and is highly recommended for all newcomers to the field.

We do all our investigations from a scientific point of view. We do not employ mediums or physics. They may be used as another investigative tool but, without scientific validation, it is nothing more than a personal experience that cannot be validated. Nothing against a psychic or medium but anyone can say "I sense a relative or a soldier named Bill's presence in your home!" Ouija boards and seances are not used at all.

By attending our functions you are consenting to the use of any photos of you being taken to be published on our website (under construction). Also copyright of any photos, recordings (audio or visual) and reports taken at events sponsored by MAPI or Paranormal Reality will become property of MAPI and cannot be used without written permission of the Board of Directors. Credit will be given to the person taking the photo but copyright belongs to MAPI. All photos, recordings, and written reports should be submitted to MAPI within a week of an investigation, or in a timely manner designated by the lead investigator.

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