What we're about

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so why are so many of us doing it alone? Suffering in silence, blaming ourselves, struggling to have all the answers and trying to do it all.

The truth is we don’t have to. I’m an advocate for talking, sharing experiences/ideas and just generally being a bit of an open book (too open sometimes)

For a big part of raising my own children I felt isolated, disconnected and alone. They’re now ‘tweenagers’ and older than all of my friends children and I would love to connect with other parents, no matter how old your children are.

The ‘Parent Common Room’ is a safe place where you can bitch, moan or gush about your children if you want to. It’s a place where you can share your experience, learn from others or just help someone else. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the company of other parents - we are people in our own right 🤣

Come and join me for a drink, some cake or some delicious food. The possibilities are endless!

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