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Why do Playdates have to be just for our kids? Do you need a night out? Do you need to meet other parents and want to make new friends? I know I do, and I've only been a parent for seven weeks!

Let's face it, we all need a break once in a while...Hell! Maybe more than once in a while! It's ok to be a little selfish and treat yourself to a great time!

I created this group to meet other Parents in the area who are down-to-earth and could use a break every so often. Perhaps we can meet for a drink, a bowling night or maybe even a night at Dave & Buster's! Why do our kids get to have all the fun? We're parents, and just because we are doesn't mean our social life should end! I dunno about you but, I want to be a Toys“R”Us kid for the rest of my life!

All parents are welcome! Whether you're an empty nester or you just had a child...Come and join us! Maybe you'll make a new friend and have a great time...Maybe our kids will even become friends!

All I ask is that you have a current photo of yourself (not your kid, not a cartoon or anything but your actual face) on your profile! Thanks!

We call our members Kids! Cause that's who we are at heart!

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Braun's Tavern

Braun's Tavern

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