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Parental Alienation Freedom Group is a private Meetup support group for targets of parental alienation - a form of emotional child abuse common in adversarial divorce cases where a parent belittles or vilifies the other parent to a child. This Meetup group is for you, whether you are a newly alienated parent, fighting for your children in family court, or see through the injustice and want to help others and change the future. We also welcome adults who, as children, were alienated from a parent.

A parent with narcissistic (or borderline) personality disorder traits, found in everyone to some degree, typically causes parental alienation. The alienating parent attempts to ban the targeted parent from their child or children's life and often shows hostile aggression during separation.

Few newly divorcing parents realize that family court is a federally subsidized theater that pits parents against each other for legal and expert fees and control over a growing population segment. Only 0.5 to 1 percent of the general population (50 to 75% are men) is diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. Yet, research shows that about 22 million American parents have been the victims of behaviors that lead to parental alienation (Harmon, 2018). Fidler and Bala (2010) report estimates of parental alienation in 11 to 15 percent of divorces involving children. Adversarial divorce brings out the worst in parents.

The combative and coercive methods used in family court litigation - unequal parenting, false allegation restraining orders, unmanageable support debt – exact a devastating toll on family finances and parent-child relationships. That's why Florida Families, Inc., a family advocacy nonprofit and group sponsor, now offers a bold, new alternative to adversarial family court litigation that helps parents contemplating divorce make better-informed decisions. Florida Families provides a safe, integrated, comprehensive, and cooperative problem-solving environment that inspires parents to make their own marital, parenting, and financial choices autonomously, without costly and destructive litigation.

Unfortunately, family court and parental alienation have blindsided many members of the Parental Alienation Freedom Group. Most members are currently embroiled in family court litigation, or our families have suffered as a result. We come together in a safe place to share experiences discretely and create long-lasting relationships with others who have been through the same.

There are also many ways that group members can contribute and support Florida Families as we unite and build a better world for our children and future generations as follows:

· Introduce your church leaders, marriage counselors, and other trusted marriage and family advisors to Florida Families

· Identify possible talent and funding sources (e.g., family foundations) for Florida Families

· Refer struggling parents not already embroiled in family court litigation to Florida Families.

Simply providing your case study information (that will not be individually identifiable) for research purposes and enhancing Florida Families program services is an enormously valuable contribution.

You are not alone, and you are not powerless! Join the Parental Alienation Freedom Group and experience the freedom to act and make your own choices today.

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