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This is a group for people interested in connecting better with their kids. Kids thrive when they have a deep connection to their parent(s), so let's help each other improve that connection! Join this group if you want to:

- learn skills that will deepen your relationship with your child.

- understand kid culture and see things from your child's point of view.

- join a parent community which is open to discussing challenges and swapping ideas.

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7 Steps to Form 5 Key Habits in Your Children That Save You 2hrs a Day

How to form 5 key habits in your children that will save you (on average) 2 hours a day in household management related tasks. I came to discover this over 5 years ago after working with kiddos as a Cert. Children's Psych Practitioner. THIS KNOWLEDGE IS GOLD. This is exactly what you will learn: - How to have your child happily follow a routine without you having to consistently prompt them or make them. (e.g. the morning usually looks like: your child getting up in the morning right after being woken up, putting their dirty clothes where they go, brushing their teeth right after breakfast, helping to get their school lunch together, and being ready to walk out the door by a certain time.) - Exactly how to have your kids be self-motived by fun activities that bring your family closer. (All families report feeling more like a unit because of this.) - How to have your children challenge themselves in a healthy way. (This usually happens by your kid telling you they could start doing something. Like 7 y.o. Jake saying he could start making sure the toilet is clean after he is done using it. Or 10 y.o. Taylor telling her caregiver she would like to try cooking dinner for her family.) - How to inspire your child be more polite. (This usually looks like your child asking guests if they would like something to drink, and getting their friends a drink and a snack.) - How to have your child do more for themselves. (This usually looks like them getting themselves a snack, getting things together for their lunch, getting themselves a drink, getting their condiments at dinner, folding and putting away their laundry, and vacuuming.) This is a >>web-based<< Meet-up so you don't have to worry about scheduling childcare, etc. I will present LIVE and will stay for at least a half an hr at the end for a live Q&A so you can ask me any questions you may have. And because I know sometimes things come up making it impossible for you to attend live, I will send you a replay that you will be able to view until it expires on Sunday at 11:59pm. Register here: (space is limited) https://allstarkiddos.leadpages.co/child-habit-formation/

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FREE Workshop: The Birds & Bees and Beyond

Fremont Main Library