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It seems a lifetime ago now, but when I first learned about NLP (neuro linguistic programming) it was taught in the context of work but I immediately saw how invaluable it could be as a parent. I have four children, then toddler to teen, and believe me, i was not calm! I felt a complete failure most of the time, lurching from one crisis to another. I came back from my first day of training (and this was just a two day introductory course at that point) and started implementing a few of the ideas around communication. Although my teenager looked at me as if I'd stepped in from another planet, she did actually do as I asked and I stayed calm. The learning continued and I was asked to write a book about NLP for parents by Hodder and Stoughton - 'Be a happier parent with NLP'. I then wrote workbooks for children, tweens and teens - The Engaging NLP series of workbooks. I went on to train as a Master Practitioner, Kids' Practitioner, Sports Practitioner and Trainer as well as to write many more books and set up a successful kids coaching and training practice.

I set up this parenting chat group because I want to share what I've learned with you and share my knowledge with you. I have been running an NLP Coaching Practice here for the last 10 years helping children and young people with confidence, anxiety, making friends.... so many different problems. I thought it might be helpful to run a regular monthly meetup group offering support for parents who'd like to know more about how NLP can help in their parenting.

They have been really well received and I enjoy having people round my Aga and seeing how helpful they are finding the chats. We don't talk specifics, who said what etc, it's more about the process so you can apply the learning in different situations.

Please join the group and tell your friends about it.

I have a paired group on Facebook where I share tips, free Ebooks, worksheets etc because I can't do that via meetup. Please join it here https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentingchats/

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Learn how to speak so your children listen

NLP Kids


Learn how to communicate using words that will resonate with each child. Is your language pattern visual, auditory or kinaesthetic? How does this matter? What is theirs? Learn how to rephrase so they get your message. Play with voice tone and pitch, pace and volume. How does that affect the communication? Do they respond best when they have choices or when they are just told what to do? How much detail do they need or does detail overwhelm them? Do they want to know what's going to happen or what isn't going to happen? Do they want to know how something is similar to what they know or that it's different? Learn to use hypnotic language to get them to do what you ask. How do deletions, distortions and generalisations affect how they respond? Do you find you are listened to at work but not at home? Learn how to model a different voice, that works. Cost includes NLP for Parents Workbook.

Discover the many ways to help your kids using NLP and EFT

NLP is all about understanding how our beliefs, expereinces and decisions can affect how we feel about challenges. When we as parents know how to help children rethink those beliefs and find more resourceful ones, we open a door to possibilities. EFT - emotional freedom technique is a way to manage fears, anxieties and mood changes in the moment. I'll cover whatever you want me to cover and along the way, introduce you to techniques such as anchoring, reframing, different language patterns etc that will help you with whatever you're struggling with. I'm sure anger, anxiety, low self-esteem and getting children to do what we ask, will come up.

How to reduce anxiety

NLP Kids


Please come along if you or your child experiences anxiety. This session is just for women but you don't have to be a parent. We will be tapping (EFT) and learning other techniques such as mindfulness and heart2heart, anchoring and disassociation.

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