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Parents feeling like you are alone in dealing with the pressures of having a child or teen struggling with mental health or addiction issues or both? Feeling guilty or ashamed because you cannot understand how your child could be an addict? Why doesn't your child doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning?
Spending days and evenings at the hospital, the doctor's office, the psychiatrist's or psychologist's office with no answers for you to walk away with. Trying to get through work with your fingers crossed that you won't be called away by the school, your child or worse...
The anger builds, the stress increases and you are powerless to take away the pain your child is feeling. You love them from deep inside yourself and they call you the worst names, ignore all you do for them and don't think you know a single thing about what their life is like.
I have lived like this since 2013. I have watched my daughter journey through all stages of mental heath, addiction, group homes, group therapy and anything else you can add to this list. For a period of time I think I forgot I had two other children at home and that I had a life outside this world.
In 2017 something inside me cracked open... something cracked and I had to have a come to whatever you believe in moment, because if I didn't start taking care of me, I was not going to make it out of this situation.
I finally heard what someone had told me years ago...
I could only control giving birth to my daughter. The rest of her journey was hers and I could not control any of it, no matter how much I loved her, no matter how much I wanted her pain to stop, no matter how much I wanted her dreams to come true.
So I picked myself up off that mat called life and made one life changing decision.. I was going to make sure no other parent ever had to do this alone like I felt I had to do...
No other parent was going to feel alone, scared, hurt beyond words, helpless, angry, fearful about this scenario in their family again. I was going to find a way to talk about it so much that it would no longer be uncomfortable. It was no longer going to make me feel ashamed.
I created a blog, I created a charity and now I have taking all I have learned since that day in 2017, and put it into a 6 week empowerment course for parents much like me.
All because you are not alone. You haven't done anything other than your best for your child. You need to control your present situation so that you can keep your strength and your energy for those few times you can connect effectively.
You deserve to be living your full life. Your child may or may not grow out of what they are going through, but you have to be prepared either way. What better that to be an amazing role model for when they do show up?
I am looking to start a group course at my farm space. Once a week, for a few members at a time, a couple hours a day on a Saturday morning. This meeting will be completely confidential. This meeting will be a space to share, express your feelings, connect on what is working and what isn't working and I will be showing you some techniques to start empowering yourself moving forward.
I also offer one on one sessions, but I also believe group sessions can make us feel connected to our community and this is important in helping ourselves in the long term. I would like to start this meetup on September 14, 2019 at 9am in Ottawa's east end.
Please message me if interested and whether that time will be best and the day...
Blessed. You are worth taking care of.

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