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Hello everyone,

Do you have a high-functioning child on the autism spectrum or a child with ADHD?
Does he/she feel isolated and have trouble making and/or keeping friends?

My son is an 8-year old boy who is on the spectrum and has ADHD. He wishes he had real friends to play with. He tends to make friends, as he is very friendly, but struggles with keeping them due to his social skills.
I think that he will play well with other kids who have ASD and/or ADHD and why I thought I would create this group. I am hopeful. :)

If this something you might be interested in, I would love to get our kids together and meet each other. I know it will be fun for them as well as us.

This group is intended as a meetup for parents of school-aged children to make friends, play, and share interests with other kids on the spectrum.

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