Jeremy Taylor from JUXT presents Crux at OSCARO


We will have two presentations for this edition, so we will start at 19h00. The doors will be open at 18h30 to be sure we will begin the sessions on time.

Nicolas Estrada from OSCARO will give us a feedback on how to facilitate the "Cloud Native" approach, using Kubernetes to manage a Clojure app including Datomic, Clara Rules and many other OSS and internal libraries.
The stack: containerized Datomic On-Prem, Kubernetes, Macrometer (Prometheus), Google Cloud.

Come along and learn about Crux: an open source (MIT License!) database product by JUXT, written in Clojure.
Crux is an extensible document database with bitemporal graph indexes for interactive time-travelling and flexible Datalog queries. You can deploy it very simply with SQLite, run it with high-availability using Postgres, or scale it up to a large cluster with Kafka.

Jeremy Taylor (@refset) is the product manager and he will give an overview of the features and architecture of the database, including case studies on how companies are already using Crux in e-commerce, finance and SaaS applications. He will also work through some live examples and allow plenty of time for Q&A.