What we're about

Welcome to the Paris Cycling Group meetup site. We're a group for cyclists to share training rides in and around Paris.
We're an informal group and we arrange rides of different levels and abilities - usually on road/racing bikes and for 70 - 200 km routes around Paris. This is a group for cyclists, not really for beginners - you will need the right equipment. Our rides are usually rated by difficulty and route:
1) Speed/ level of difficulty

Hard: These are 'tempo' rides, typically at a relatively higher speed, you would need cycling fitness  and endurance. Some riders may be dropped or left behind, not always but sometimes, if its a particularly fast group - so please ensure you have downloaded the route. Typically, a hard ride will see the average speed in excess of 30km/h, or higher if a faster group. 
Medium: Less strenuous than a hard ride, a medium ride is still a good workout with typical average speed of around 27- 29km/h. If you're dropped, we'll usually wait for you provided you can generally keep the pace. So to be fair to the group, and to keep the ride time reasonable, if you're being dropped regularly we may invite you to finish the ride solo at your own pace, and then join us when you're able to hold a slightly quicker pace. Again, please ensure you have downloaded the route. 
Social: A ride that will suit less experienced cyclists or those who prefer a more social ride taken at a more leisurely pace (less than 25mk/h on average). On these rides, the group will stay together and ensure that the group waits in the event of any one rider being dropped.  
Social rides may also have skills sessions for beginners, or similar group sessions.
2) Whether hilly or not

Hilly (over 1300m of climbing - this is Paris, there are not that many hills!)
Medium Hills (800-1300m)
Flat (less than 800m)

Any member of the Group can suggest a new ride or other event at any time through the Meetup site. If you do, please use these rating labels.
As always:
- do you have the cycling fitness and experience for this ride?
- safety comes first: no helmet, no PCG ride. 
- this ride is for road bikes/velos de route, not for VTT. 
- check the weather in advance.
- bring spare tube, bidons, energy bars, gels, etc.
- bring money (for an emergency)
The Paris Cycling Group, the PCG organizers, the ride leaders and the PCG members will not accept any responsibility for accidents or injuries to riders or equipment under any circumstances or for any reasons.
The participation to the PCG Ride is not allowed for minor children. 
we do not accept beginner cyclists. It is not a Group for beginners.
Contact the Organizers for more info.

Past events (1,201)

Paris-Étampes-Paris, ~140km, ~900m D+, 30Km/h

Porte d'Orléans

Ride Vallée de Chevreuse / 100km / 950 D+ / pace : 27-28 km/h

Place de la porte de Chatillon