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Welcome to Paris Ethical Fashion Meetup !

This Meetup group is for ANYONE who is interested in Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Slow Fashion.

At our Meetups, which are usually on Saturday afternoons, we talk about different subjects in Ethical Fashion, exchange knowledge, info about French and international ethical fashion brands etc. This meetup group is perfect for networking too if you are someone who is trying to create your own ethical fashion brand in Paris etc ... !

⁃ Every once a while, we organize events such as ethical fashion shows, parties, workshops etc. We organized the first ethical mini fashion show back in Nov.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to meeting you very soon.

Kiko https://www.instagram.com/kikokikokikooo/?hl=fr

My story https://kikosunflowersoul.com/my-story/


About the organizer

Hi everyone!

My name is Kiko. I'm an ethical model as well as Holistic Health Coach, helping others make peace with food and themselves.

As an ethical model, I focus on two things

1. supporting ethical fashion brands as much as I can. Why ? I suggust you to come to Meetups and ask me that :D

2. empowering women/men to honor their own bodies and love themselves as they are.

It is because I suffered from a severe eating disorder when I was working as an international model. As a result of my work and the extreme pressure from the industry, I reached to a point where I was so close to having a heart attack; my heart rate was 38bpm, and I weighed 45kg (99lbs) at 180cm (5'11) tall.

You can always check my whole story with photos on YouTube.
Here is the link


I shared my story with Humans of Paris


With Ethical Fashion Magazine in the UK


Today, I’m at peace. I am happy and healthy. I’m so thankful for what I do have in life.
I keep sharing my story in order to empower others. No matter what we look, we need to be happy with ourselves, we need to work on our inter world, rather than the outside world. And when yo do that, you experience the true happiness because true happiness only comes from within.

Thank you again, and I hope to see you all in person at Meetups. Bisous,

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