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Learning machine learning is also a matter of practice.
With the members of the Paris Machine Learning Study Group in English Meetup, we have decided to step up our game by following the highly recommended FastAi part 1 course.

Following the french TD format, with Edmund Ronald, we will study every week a video from the Fast.AI lessons, assuming that most students previously viewed the FastAi lecture video and are ready to dive into a hands-on experience.

This group is open to everyone (check the prerequisites below) willing to get a praticial understanding of deep learning methods, using FastAi lessons. The meetings will be scheduled every week, switching lessons every week. We estimate the personal work between 2 lessons to be around 10h.

Prerequisites are :
- Being able to develop python scripts using numpy. Here is a numpy tutorial : https://cs231n.github.io/python-numpy-tutorial/
- Using a notebook with a GPU (recommended setup : Ubuntu with an Nvidia GPU (6GB+)) or access to cloud. We will be using Google Colab : https://colab.research.google.com/notebooks/welcome.ipynb

Octo Technology will be kindly hosting us.

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Tools: Ludwig from Uber. Theory: the Lottery ticket Hypotheis.
Deep learning with (almost) no coding ==> AutoKeras

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