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Ahoy there. Join us for a potluck picnic on the Pont des Arts footbridge in the center of Paris while you watch the full moon rise over the Seine. The best view after dark in the City of Lights with some of the nicest people around. This group has been meeting for half a dozen years with announcements via email and word of mouth - and now for the first time on Meetup.com. We meet every month, weather and schedules permitting, to enjoy a potluck picnic on Pont des Arts, the footbridge in the center of Paris, while we watch the full moon rise. Everybody brings finger food, drinks and conversation to share. My direct email is bobmohl2@aol.com Ciao for niao, Captain Bob

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attend Full Moon Picnic Sat 22 December 4:30-6:30 PM

Ahoy there and Happy New Year, The next moonrise picnic will be Sunday Jan 20 from 4 PM until 6 PM. Moonrise will be at 5 PM (a day early because of schedules and weather). The Super Blood Wolf Full Moon is officially the next day in Europe with a total lunar eclipse just before moonset in the morning on Jan 21 from 5:41 AM to 6:43 AM. You all-nighters or early risers, remember to look to the west for the setting moon (not east for the rising moon). Why is this one called the Super Blood Wolf Moon? Super because the moon will be at it’s closest approach for 2019 and appear slightly larger than usual. (“Super” brand marketing.) Blood because the total lunar eclipse gives the moon a reddish hue as it is mostly lit by red wavelengths of light passing through the earth’s atmosphere. Wolf because this full moon was known as known to American Indians as the Full Wolf Moon as wolves howled nearby in the long winter night. It has also been called the "Moon After Yule.” https://www.space.com/42830-supermoon-blood-moon-total-lunar-eclipse-2019.html WHAT: Everyone brings food and drink to share. Hot cider, hot chocolate, spiced wine, tea, etc. will make you very popular. WHERE: Pont des Arts. We'll gather around a bench towards the Left Bank side of the bridge. Nearest metros: Pont Neuf and Louvre-Rivoli. WHEN: Sunday, 20 January 4-6 PM WHY: Share one of the most memorable sights in Paris with some of the nicest people around. WHO: You and your friends. HOW to find us: Shouldn't be hard. We'll be the lunatics chattering in English - I mean we'll be speaking English and our teeth will be chattering. We'll also be the ONLY ones on the bridge. Keep your eyes out for a small white telescope on tripod if the sky is clear. Check in by cell phone if you can't find us:[masked]. THEME: Happy New Year - Howling Wolf BIRTHDAYS: Are you a Capricorn or Aquarius? If so we can celebrate your birthday and blow out the world’s largest birthday candle. Bring a cake? I'll bring sparklers. PUZZLER: Recent reports have claimed that the Chinese have landed a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon. Why is this fake news? PUZZLER ANSWER: because the moon does not have a dark side. It does have a hidden side that is always facing away from earth. But it takes a bit of hubris to imply that it is the earth, not the sun, which illuminates the moon. Unless it is just poetic license in which case it takes a bit of hubris to think you can compete with Shakespeare. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. --Romeo’s soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet. ciao for niao, Captain Bob

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attend Full Moon Picnic Sat 22 December 4:30-6:30 PM

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