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What we’re about

Are you interested in all things tech or startup and on an international scale? Then come join us for the new Paris International Tech Meetup (@ParisITM).

If you are an expat interested in the startup scene in Paris or a Frenchie interested expanding abroad, come and join us for networking, discussing startup world domination and of course a few drinks!

Beyond just simple networking and discussion, the true objective of this meetup is to extend each others tech and startup horizons across borders and boundaries and enable all members to meet the next gen of international risk takers, learners, geeks and biz developers not to mention share each other's international aspirations and experiences with one another.

BONUS: We will also strive to provide an amazing set of guest speakers every 1-2 months... Whether it be a Froggy that's had tech experience abroad or an international expat that has startup experience here in France. Whatever the case is, we're sure you'll walk away impressed. If you would like to be one of our guest speakers to talk and reach out to the int'l tech community here in Paris and share your experience with others, please contact us.

We usually have a good mix of Yankees, Brits, Antipodeans, Europeans, Asians and of course Froggies - after all, we certainly can’t forget where we are!