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The best way to become an expert in machine learning is to learn from the best. Our group meets twice a week for peer-to-peer discussions on machine learning. Tuesday meetups are focused on applied machine learning. Friday meetups are discussions on a pre-selected research paper. Papers may include image processing, AGI, NLP or other machine learning topics. The papers and our discussions are in English. Meetings are limited to 25 people so our peer-to-peer style discussions don't become overwhelming.

Hi, I'm Robert Salita, the Paris group's organizer. I coordinate meetings with Paul-Louis (Algolia). I'm a veteran of the successful San Francisco Deep Learning Study Group. By day, I'm a developer tool and compiler writer by day. By night, I'm a machine learning insomniac.

Don't worry about not fully understanding the research papers. Even top San Francisco members would comment that they only understood 75% of the paper. Papers are often short on key details, don't make source code available, or lack ways to experiment with or duplicate findings.

We use the ParisML slack group for discussions. Ask the event's host for an invite.

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