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Interested in applications of natural language processing (NLP) in your favorite field? Join us!

We talk about NLP and text mining techniques, research, and applications. Talks will discuss both traditional and modern NLP approaches, from hand-designed rules to machine learning & deep learning.

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Intéressé par le traitement automatique du langage naturel (TAL) et ses applications dans votre domaine ? Ce groupe est fait pour vous !

On y parle techniques, recherches et applications concrètes du TAL et de la fouille de données ; en abordant à la fois les approches traditionnelles et modernes : des règles métier à l'apprentissage automatique.

Notre site, avec le contenu des précédents meetups : https://nlpparis.wordpress.com/

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The Paris NLP Meetup was founded by passionate NLPers from Parisian NLP startups:

• Amine BENHALLOUM, Data Scientist @MFG Labs (https://mfglabs.com)

• Antoine DUSSÉAUX, Cofounder @Doctrine (https://www.doctrine.fr)

• Aimé DUSHIMIRE, Cofounder @CallDesk (http://www.calldesk.ai/)

• Jean-Marc MARTY, Data Scientist @MindLytix (http://mindlytix.com/)

The Paris NLP Meetup is now proudly organized by Doctrine (https://www.doctrine.fr):

• Pauline Chavallard, Senior Data Scientist @Doctrine (https://www.doctrine.fr)

• Binxiang XIANG, Data Scientist @Doctrine (https://www.doctrine.fr)

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Paris NLP Season 6 Meetup #4

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Slim Frikha, ContentSquare

Unsupervised clustering of website URLs and clusters pattern recognition

At Contentsquare, we collect and analyze user interactions on the websites of our customers. To be able to produce insightful tips and recommendations, we combine this data with the website contextual data created thanks to a human manual configuration step.

An example of website contextualization is to know the web page category (product page, checkout, etc). Further, we would like to know what other web pages are similar to it within the website (we call them page groups).
In this talk, we will present a system that automates such website contextualization tasks using web pages URLs by: 1. creating business meaningful page groups 2. characterizing each page group with URL regexes 3. estimating the page category of each page group.


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