Paris NLP Meetup #3

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Seating is on a first come, first served basis whether you have RSVPed or not, so we suggest arriving early. We can host 150 people.

La salle permet d'accueillir 150 personnes. L'inscription est obligatoire mais ne garantit pas que vous pourrez entrer, nous vous recommandons donc d'arriver un peu en avance.


Speakers (more details will come)

• Jean Senellart (CEO @ Systran SA (

Jean Senellart will present OpenNMT – a Neural Machine Translation open source framework developed in a collaboration between Harvard NLP Group and SYSTRAN. He will explain how this new technology – the new kid in the block – is changing all the references and beyond improved translation quality is also a game changer for localization industry and more generally human communication...

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and holder of a Ph. D. in Computational Lingusitics, Jean Senellart joined SYSTRAN in 1999 as project leader before taking the leadership of R&D teams with whom he launched 4 generations of SYSTRAN products. Jean has developed several innovative technologies during these years and today, as the Global CTO of SYSTRAN group, he recently conducted research around the new generation of translation engines named PNMTTM for Pure NeuralTM Machine Translation and decided to contribute actively to the Open Source community launched by Harvard NLP.

To help organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity, SYSTRAN delivers highly secured and tailored language solutions for global collaboration, content management, customer support, eDiscovery and localization projects. SYSTRAN is the leading choice of Corporates, Defense and Security organizations, and Language Service Providers. Since its early beginnings, SYSTRAN has been pioneering advances in Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing and delivers today a new generation of engines leveraging the latest technological innovations from Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning models called PNMTTM for Pure NeuralTM Machine Translation.

• Thomas Perrais (Data Scientist @ Proxem (

Word Sense Disambiguation

"During this presentation I will talk about word-sense disambiguation (WSD) and focus on a recent algorithm from Bartunov et al. , 2015 for unsupervised and non-parametric learning of word embeddings. I will give some examples of WSD’s applications and explain why we need it at Proxem. I will then dive into the algorithm and what it allows us to do and try to convince you of the power of unsupervised learning."

• Eric Sibony (CSO @ Shift Technology (

"In this talk I will present Shift Technology's new R&D program: automated claims processing (the equivalent of autonomous vehicles for the insurance industry). I will focus on describing the involved problems with their associated challenges and discuss the sate-of-the-art. I hope to awaken the audience's interest and get as much feedback as possible!"