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This forum is not about religion.

It is about growing spiritually. Many people have said to me that they want to learn, to talk about spirituality. They want to grow spiritually but don’t know where to turn to get answers. This is a venue may where there is sharing of ideas in a loving way, without judgment of another’s belief system. Maybe you have ideas to share and want to express them, or maybe you know nothing about spirituality. Diversity is what each one of us is about and we are all certain to grow by sharing with other people of like minds.

At each venue, a fresh perspective will be discussed based on a chosen author of a popular spiritual book. Listed are a few examples, and not necessary in any priority. The topic for each venue will be posted with a brief description of the afternoon’s semi-structured agenda. Even if you have not read any of these books or may have read only one, each person is writing about the same spiritual philosophy yet from their own perspective.

Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life

Eckhart Toole – The Power of Now and The New Earth

Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette

Neale Donald Walsh - Conversations with God

Wayne Dyer – You’ll See It When You Believe It

James Redfield - The Celestine Prophecy

Greg Braden – The Holographic Universe

Gary Zukav - Seat of the Soul

The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself - Eric Pearle

And many more!

You will leave this venue feeling uplifted and motivated. You won’t be disappointed.

Come and join us. RSVP now. All in English.

A drink order is requested to support the restaurant. The spiritual venue lasts for 2 hours. Anyone who wishes to get to know the others better can stay for a drink or an early dinner at the cafe. The food is great and reasonably priced.

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