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[dotGo 2014 workshop] Building Web Apps with the CodeGangsta

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This workshop is run by Documize (, silver partner of dotGo 2014 (

Jeremy Saenz ( (dotGo speaker) will teach attendees the basics of web development using the Go standard library and other auxiliary tools and packages.

During the workshop, attendees will build and deploy their own web app with Go on Heroku. Major concepts like HTTP routing, HTML templates, JSON rendering, and database access will be covered along the way.

Most importantly, attendees will learn how to approach Go web development in an idiomatic way, making them an even better Gopher!


Please check them to be productive!

• You have installed the Go Programming Language (

• You have setup a GOPATH by following the How to Write Go Code ( tutorial

• You are somewhat familiar with the basics of Go. (The Go Tour ( is a pretty good place to start)

• You have installed all the required packages: (

• Gorilla Mux (

• Negroni (

• Controller (

• Black Friday (

• Render (

• SQLite3 (

You can install (or update) these packages by running the following command in your console:
go get -u

For instance, if you wish to install Negroni, the following command would be:
go get -u • You have installed the Heroku Toolbelt (

• You have a Heroku ( account

You'll find more about the prerequisites here (

Host: Jeremy Saenz, Creator of Martini ( and Negroni (

More info at