High Performance Go Workshop with Dave Cheney

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25 people went

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High Performance Go is a half day workshop that teaches the foundations of writing Go (https://golang.org/) code that performs well at scale.

After each section there will be ample time for questions from the students.

Once all the sections are complete the remainder of the time will be dedicated to assisting the students in applying the material to their own projects.

This workshop will be provided by one of our dotGo 2016 (http://dotgo.eu) speakers: Dave Cheney, Contributor to the Go project (https://golang.org/).

Before registering, make sure to read all the info about the workshop at http://dotgo.eu/workshops .

This workshop is only opened to dotGo 2016 attendees (we'll have a list to check your name at the entrance). You can still grab your ticket here (http://dotgo.eu/tickets).

You may want to come at 1:45pm to grab your seat. At 2:05pm we'll let people on the waiting list in until we fill the venue.


Update from Dave, 6/Oct/2016


Firstly I want to thank everyone for the huge show of interest for this workshop. This is the first time I have presented this material and I'm extremely flattered by the response.

Now, to address the elephant in the room. Le 39 offices can only accomodate a limited number of people, and similarly I can only teach a class with a limited number of people, so regrettably most of you on the waitlist will not be able to attend this course this time. Please accept my apologies if this is you.

I want to ask everyone to please be respectful of the organisers of this workshop, dotConferences, myself, and your fellow Go enthusiasts who want to attend this workshop by doing two things:

1. If you have RSVP'd to this even and cannot make it, please un RSVP so that someone else may have your spot.

2. If you are on the waitlist, please understand that a few spots may open up over the next few days. When they do, meetup will notify you.

I understand that if there are spare slots on the day from people who have RSVP'd but have not arrived by 1:45pm, that spot may be given to someone else. However, looking at how many people are on the waitlist, I don't expect this to be many spots, in fact there could be none at all.

Please understand if you decide to come to Le 39 without an RSVP on Sunday you do so at your own risk and will most likely not be able to attend this course.

Additionally, the training materials for this course are online, the link is


The material for this course is distributed under a CC-SA 4.0 licence and encouraged to remix, transform, or build upon the material, providing you give appropriate credit and distribute your contributions under the same license. It's free, as in beer!

Also, I'll be giving a presentation at the golang.io meetup on the 11th, you are welcome to join that event and ask me any questions you want. The link to register for that event is


Thank you again