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Hello, Welcome to Paris Film Crew, Paris’ longest running Anglophone filmmakers event. Over 1,400 members and 5 stars, a friendly and easy-going event, a place to screen, and meet new colleagues, every second Monday of the month! This month, David Blair will be running the meetup: ( We have consistently been showing between 5-8 films each meetup, each filmmaker is present to talk about their film, in a room that gets full quite quickly (don’t be late ;) ). Depending on the length of the films, we might have time for everyone to introduce themselves with a short elevator pitch. Don’t hesitate to network with people whose competences and projects interest you. You can also pitch a project that you are preparing, or offer an interesting service etc, just let us know! In the past we’ve hosted a variety of interesting, free full-event presentations as well, feel free to pitch to me if you have an idea. If you have a film you’d like to screen, please send it to me via (, email [masked] Fiction, documentary, art, commerce, anything is welcome. Requirements are simple: keep it small, say 720p mp4, under 500Mb if possible, definitely not over 1Gb. Ideally less than 10 minutes to keep things moving (but flexible, send in longer ones, I will tell you whether we can screen it or not, depending on how many films there are). We prefer recent works, and English, but again, we are flexible, pitch anything and I will get back to you. Very important however: send in your film BEFORE Sunday 7th midnight. I won’t download anything on Monday. NOTE 1: please respect the file size limits! I will not download a large file. NOTE 2: Generally speaking, we only screen films if you are present... Regardless of the number of films, we will network all evening! See you there! Contact me with questions. Please respect submissions rules above. Don't forget to make movies. David

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    What we're about

    This is a group for "independents" making what used to be called Films.

    Independent is a really wide-spectrum term, non-commercial to commercial, doc to experimental to publicity. Often it means that you aren't working for hire, which has an effect on everything from choice of subject to eventual copyright.

    Since the independent community in France has a different structure then, for example, in English speaking countries, it is good to have a place where people can meet to share information, pool experience, and, if wanted, collaborate on production of these Films.

    So, this is that. Or one of them.


    Experience is good.

    Inexperience with a will [ie eyes, ears, memory, and half a plan] is good as well.

    A general sense of community is important as well... turn competitors into colleagues, and everyone benefits.

    Acting, writing, cinematography, directing, motion graphics, scene design, sound designer, etc... all welcome.

    As said above, experimental, short fiction, publicity, documentary, live mix, cable tv, feature fiction, theatre scenography, music clip, films for the blind, whatever, your choice.

    And the goal?

    Show up. Allen, Woody, said that's 80 percent.

    Offer information. Offer to collaborate. Offer a project for collaboration. The original goal of this long lived group was to somehow for some to make films together, and somehow show them to others. This happened, and will again.

    So, if you are new, and made it this far, I offer this quote from Juli, the founder: "Please fill out your profile and tell us about your particular interests/experience in creating Films."

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