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Board Gameday--Thanks-gaming
The November board game meetup is here. It's exactly like Thanksgiving except instead of gravy its dice, instead of stuffing its cards and instead of racist uncles its little cardboard tokens! To help you train on navigating the challenges and obstacles of an extended family gathering we will be playing the real-time game, "Escape: Curse of the Temple." As a team of inept Indiana Jones's, we'll be rolling dice and running face first into various pits and traps. Can we survive and get out of the temple in time? Probably not but it'll be fun to try! As usual, we'll start off with some more "serious" board games and end with quick, lighter games after 3pm. And, as usual, it's all for charity! All you'll need is a fun, competitive spirit and a $3 donation for the Impact Network. The organization is improving teaching methods and bringing technology to rural Zambian schools. Each $3 donation pays for a student to go to school for a month. Check out this video to learn more about the organization you're supporting: And we've even gotten a shout-out ( for our efforts over the years! Regulars and myself will happily and patiently explain these games to anyone who joins. If games are underway when you arrive, get a drink, grab a chair, sidle up to a group in progress and watch the stories unfold... As new people arrive, you'll be able to start another game. Noon? Really? I know, it's super early for a weekend but we'll be there for at least several hours so show up whenever your bedroom stops spinning and you can comfortably handle the thought of beer. Rules I do want to mention a couple important things. Everyone is expected to be respectful. Any harassment will not be tolerated. Also, my games are my babies. So, like any good parent, I'm highly protective of them--especially my favorites (don't tell them I have favorites). Please treat the games well. Don't bend the cards and be mindful of drinks and food. Also, we've created a culture of gracious winners and losers so remember the games are all in good fun. Lastly, games are harder to explain then you might think so be patient with the anyone trying.


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We're a cross section of good people connected to Park Slope in one way or another. It's a fantastic neighborhood and we try to take advantage of all it has to offer. We're social and try different things from happy hours, game nights, BBQs, trivia, you name it. Seriously, come to a meetup and name an idea, we'd love to hear it!

This group isn't run by a club promoter or anyone looking to make a random buck. If you're familiar with other groups in NYC, it can be pretty annoying to see RSVPs showing 4 actual people and a head count of 200. It also can be annoying to see a 25$ admission fee for the privilege to purchase $10 drinks. We are not that. That said, if you're hell bent on showing your gratitude, feel free to buy a drink for the organizer or round of shots for everyone.

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- Bill

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