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We're a cross section of good people connected to Park Slope in one way or another. It's a fantastic neighborhood and we try to take advantage of all it has to offer. We're social and try different things from happy hours, game nights, BBQs, trivia, you name it. Seriously, come to a meetup and name an idea, we'd love to hear it!

This group isn't run by a club promoter or anyone looking to make a random buck. If you're familiar with other groups in NYC, it can be pretty annoying to see RSVPs showing 4 actual people and a head count of 200. It also can be annoying to see a 25$ admission fee for the privilege to purchase $10 drinks. We are not that. That said, if you're hell bent on showing your gratitude, feel free to buy a drink for the organizer or round of shots for everyone.

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See you there!

- Bill

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*We're going to try for one more* BYOB Boozy Picnic in Prospect Park

Bandshell Picnic Tables

After at least half of the people at the last picnic were openly pushing for another, we've decided to try squeezing one more in and see how it goes. This time, we're going to start a bit earlier on at 3PM on Saturday 11/7 so we will have more daylight and it should stay warmer longer. Speaking of warmer, we're going to move this one slightly over near the bandshell picnic tables (if you're facing the stage they are going to be off to the right - please see the map for guidance) as we are likely going to be able to acquire a park grill and hopefully have another fire when it starts getting dark out. Also - Diana, one of the other Meetup coordinators is going to likely beat me there, so please be on the lookout for a tiny, very approachable person as opposed to my usual charming self. Like the previous picnics, this is going to be a joint meetup of Prospect Park, Crown Heights, and potentially a couple of others. *And just remember that everyone needs to make sure to be appropriately spaced out. I will be reminding everyone periodically and we expect everyone to help keep each other safe by moving back when requested.* If you're worried about coming for the first time and/or by yourself, we just want you to know that all are welcome. And while some of the attendees already know each other, not everyone does, and all of us who goes to these events started in the same place and are aware of this when new people join in. This is quite a welcoming community. You should bring: - a mask - Something to sit on (folding chair, blanket, etc.) - Possibly a beverage of the adult variety - Some food if you're so inclined. After all, it is a picnic 😉 Is it safe? Between mask usage, being outside and keeping distance, any chance of virus transmission is really minimal (fun fact: I am not a doctor or nurse so I know as much as anyone. This is my best understanding.) Looking forward to seeing all of you again and please don't forget to RSVP!

A Very Park Slope Christmas: Food and Drinks Crawl

Needs a location

**NOTE AT THE TIME OF POSTING: This is the most ridiculous meetup I've ever posted based on when I'm posting it. But at the moment the old Meetup cupboards are bare and I never like to see that. So I'm posting this now so there's always something there, at least for a while. I'm sure we'll have other meetups in between.** I don't know where we'll end up, and we may even be online, but let's get our holidays on, responsibly, in Park Slope somewhere! Locals and non locals welcome, no worries if you're late, there will be plenty of new people so if this is your first time--you're not alone. See you in December!

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