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At Parkar, we harness the power of industry leaders to involve everyone and anyone who’s interested in our thought leadership events and series to attend and collaborate with us. We believe in not just innovating software and services, but also trailblazing knowledge-sharing that both educates and inspires. We call it #ParkarPaysItForward

Join #ParkarPaysItForward's events and stay ahead of the curve in the disruptive technology space. A space created to keep all the Chicago minds updated on all the latest trends, whether its Blockchain or AI, Data or Cloud. Be part of the revolutionizing group who will catching up for networking and education.

Email us at PPIF@parkar.consulting to speak/ partner at our upcoming events or for any queries

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Future of Tech

The Mid-America Club

RSVP- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrMt61veFoR2QEM3A0Xu64K6zEmr5k78V1TfOAEYaltSCkwQ/viewform?usp=sf_link This session is for non-technologists such as business people, lawyers, doctors and corporate leaders as well as technologists to learn of the most innovative technology trends today and predictions for technology trends in the future. This talk is based upon Nick’s 10 year faculty teachings at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Nick’s clinical research at Harvard University as well as Nick’s experiences in advising over 400+ of the world’s most prestigious and accomplished corporate and government leaders. Join us and learn how to: ■ Identify the most innovative technology trends today and discover those most likely to emerge tomorrow ■ Understand 2 simple frameworks, to assess hot and emerging technology trends effectively and easily ■ Build the skills you need to question and challenge experts on the value of emerging technologies ■ Develop the tools you need to make effective technical purchasing decisions for your home or enterprise

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Integration of Chatbots in Healthcare and BFSI

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