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Vibrant Wellness: Transformation Wellness for Busy Moms!
Hey everyone! I am here to help and I am excited to meet YOU! I am a health coach specializing in behavior change and I LOVE helping women reach their health (and LIFE) goals in a big way. I've been in the fitness and health space for 17 years... If you feel like you KNOW you need to eat better and exercise more, but you're not getting it done, you are not alone. In fact, even after working as a personal trainer in a gym helping my clients get fit, I struggled with being consistent and finding time to take care of myself. I told myself stories that I was too tired (after being there for so long)... I was also secretly intimidated by the "super fit" people at the gym... I was hangry and needed a sandwich. And even though I KNEW (in a big way) what I needed to do, it didn't happen. If you can relate to having the desires to be healthy, but can't squeeze it into your over-flowing schedule with kids or work OR struggle to be consistent - THIS is where you need to be! And it's FREE! Currently, I am making some changes in my business and I need some help with getting my message crystal clear in my marketing to let people know what I do. To do that I need to talk to as many people as I possibly can! So, I am giving away FREE coaching sessions (as a group) until the end of JUNE. You come with all your questions about health, fitness, food, struggling with time or being consistent... ANYTHING!... and we will work through it! I commit to giving you all my BEST while you're there. As my "payment", I will get all kinds of insight on great marketing language I can use in our discussions. I will have surveys to fill out and opt-ins to get feedback on, etc that you can turn in at the end of class. COME JOIN US! There will be tons of value! I love people and I want you to be there! The cool thing about being in this local community (besides the great content) will be occasional food samples (delish and healthy!) and active outings with me. AND, of course, an opportunity to create lasting friendships with women who are striving for the same goals as you! Bring a notepad/pen and ALL THE QUESTIONS you have about your health (or why it's not happening for you). Our meeting will be about 2 hours long, but I will stay as long as you keep asking questions. :) I could seriously go all night. Looking forward to meeting you! xo, Janeen

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