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With love and light, it is our intention to hold a Reiki Share at iThrive Yoga in Parker that brings together Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners to share the wondrous blessings of Reiki and Energetic Healing. Open to all levels of certified Reiki or Healing Touch practitioners, we hold a safe space for people to show up authentically to practice, share experiences, develop spiritually and expand your Reiki and Self-Healing journey along with teachers and healers from all walks of life. Participating in a Reiki Share is a wonderful way to share Energy Healing with others and to honor ourselves as healers. Shares will include some brief group discussion and/or meditation, and some hands-on Reiki. We are all connected, and can learn so much from each other!

****Update***: Blessings for a wonderful 2018 ahead! I am in the process of working with the new studio owner at ithrive to see if we can find a night that will work to continue to hold this Reiki Share. As class sizes have increased at iThrive, we've had more challenges with space for our share. Please stay tuned for updates and share announcements, as I will announce the next Reiki Share as soon as we can find a night that works with the studio schedule (hoping Feb or March). Love & Light, Amy

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Reiki II Certification Workshop and Attunement

iThrive Yoga


"Respond to every call that excites your spirit." ~ Rumi Expand your personal growth and transformation by connecting with your divinely inspired soul gifts, allowing your intuition to provide more clarity, and living a life of greater purpose. Continue your Reiki journey with the Reiki II attunement and certification. While the Reiki I attunement is generally more of a physical healing, the Reiki II attunement is more focused on emotional and mental healing and clearing. You will learn how to offer Reiki via distance healing, and you will receive the distance healing and emotional healing symbols. During this experiential workshop, you will also learn how to work with your intuition. Visit http://amymazeski.com/reiki-ii/ to learn more about what to expect in the Reiki II Workshop. Reiki is about achieving balance within your body so that it can heal - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Manifest your intentions, connect with your soul, and empower yourself to maintain your health and vitality by working with your energy field to promote deep relaxation, self-healing, and balance within the energetic body. Allow your light to shine brighter as you continue your reiki path. Self-Healing is like peeling the layers of an onion; it can be uncomfortable and it can seem endless. If you are called to do the work , the impacts can be profound in unpredictable ways! The Reiki II attunement typically brings a profound and intense self-healing and transformation. The experience is unique for everyone, but it always happens just the way it's meant to happen. Investment for this workshop is $185 (this includes materials fee). Advanced Registration is required, classes are small and space is limited. Register online via my website (http://amymazeski.com/reiki-ii/), email me at [masked] or call me [masked]) to register and confirm your spot. I would be honored and grateful to be a part of this transformational journey with you! * Please note that a RSVP of "Yes" does not confirm your spot. You must sign up with me to confirm your spot. Contact me at [masked] to confirm your spot with a $50 deposit.

Reiki Master Attunement and Certification

SE Aurora, Near Southlands Mall


"There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveller, if you are in search of that, don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that." ~ Rumi Knowing your Truth is What Reiki Is All About… Continue your Reiki journey with the Master level Reiki attunement and gain a deeper understanding of the process. Open your Reiki practice to work with advanced techniques and claim your power to work as partners with the highest level of beings and energies. Learn various techniques to ground, protect and reclaim your energy, enhance your meditations, and manifest the life you are meant to live. Learn and practice the energetic release process, additional Reiki techniques, and improve your understanding of energy medicine. While the Reiki I attunement is generally a physical healing, and the Reiki II attunement is generally an emotional healing, the Reiki Master attunement is more focused on a soul level healing. This workshop will be held in my home office space in SE Aurora. The investment is $250. Classes are small, and advanced registration is required. Email me at [masked] or call me at[masked] with any questions or to confirm your spot via a $75 deposit. More Information: http://amymazeski.com/reiki-master-course/ I would be honored and grateful to facilitate your continued reiki journey!

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