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With love and light, it is our intention to hold a Reiki Share at iThrive Yoga in Parker that brings together Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners to share the wondrous blessings of Reiki and Energetic Healing. Open to all levels of certified Reiki or Healing Touch practitioners, we hold a safe space for people to show up authentically to practice, share experiences, develop spiritually and expand your Reiki and Self-Healing journey along with teachers and healers from all walks of life. Participating in a Reiki Share is a wonderful way to share Energy Healing with others and to honor ourselves as healers. Shares will include some brief group discussion and/or meditation, and some hands-on Reiki. We are all connected, and can learn so much from each other!

****Update***: Blessings for a wonderful 2018 ahead! I am in the process of working with the new studio owner at ithrive to see if we can find a night that will work to continue to hold this Reiki Share. As class sizes have increased at iThrive, we've had more challenges with space for our share. Please stay tuned for updates and share announcements, as I will announce the next Reiki Share as soon as we can find a night that works with the studio schedule (hoping Feb or March). Love & Light, Amy

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