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Loving kindness, the development of Metta and compassion
Compassion and Metta is loving kindness for all beings. If we can develop it more the world and our lives become immeasurably better. Come learn about the Metta Sutra and how to develop kindness that goes beyond all beings. In this session we will begin with a settling stillness meditation on the breath then go right into the discussion of the 'sutra' (teachings of the Buddha) and then follow the guided meditation of Metta (Loving Kindness_) We There is no charge, donations are appreciated for the space and time. This is a great way to change the world, beginning with your own mind, practice and action.

The Natural BodyWorks

12539 North Highway 83, Unit B-1 · Parker, CO

What we're about

This group is for the beginner and the experienced contemplative. We explore practice and discuss Vipassana, Samatha, and Pranayama as ways to still the body and mind gain calm, and stillness of thought. With so much going on in our worlds we need a quiet time and place to just sit. Each class is separated into small sections so that even the newest to meditation can gain benefit and gently build their practice.

Other group meetings we have planned are for health care providers, both professional and private. We will look into and discuss mindfulness of massage, caring. Global caring and intention of Metta (loving kindness)

Who should join?

If you would like to learn to meditate effectively, not just sitting, but in all areas of your life and work. Become Mindful and compassionate.

If you would like to take your meditation practice to a practical point in your everyday life. Make your LIFE a meditation, to be mindful... and kind to yourself and others.

If you are interested in bringing mindfulness into your healing of self and others.

If you are a healthcare provider that wants to bring more power to your healing and treatments.

If you are interested in mindfully bringing strength, balance and flexibility to your life, body and mind.

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