What we're about

This is a group of nonjudgmental, business/professional couples 50+ years old and over interested in wine, Mexican food, and travel. This is ideal for mature couples close to 50 or older. We would like to meet other couples interested in meeting for Margarita Friday’s and Red Wine Saturday. When you host you select the wine (could be white wine as well) and board game. Would are also interested in people interested in vacationing a few times per year. Would prefer couples close to Williamsburg to make traveling easy, but near by cities/ towns are welcome. We are retired military officers, medical, easy going, and love to travel.

We would also like to invite friend and travelers to enjoy fun trip near and far. We vacation 3 to 4 times per year and would like to invite interested folks to accompany us. we are relatively new to Williamsburg or Virginia for that matter. We will be planning more meetups with this group after we get a good number of people/members. It may take a few months to do that.

We can plan local trips (Upper Shirley's, restaurants, etc.) or trips further away. This will be a great way for you to meet travel companions. We can share information about trips taken, explore other cultures, share hot deals for travel opportunities, and find travel companions.

If you don’t travel a lot, still join us. The company you meet will be great. If you are new to travel, learn from those who have gone before you. Don't be afraid to travel. You don't have to travel alone. Travel with us. We will travel near and far. Check out our many events as they are scheduled.

If you do not qualify for membership because you are not yet aged 50+, know that you are still welcomed to join. It is important for you to know, though, that this group will focus on the travel of older adventurers.

The more participation we have, the better this group will be.

We are not travel agent but the travel agency that we us is top notch. The purpose of our group is to meet new people and to have fun.

We pay to support the operation of this Meetup group so we will not charge anyone to join this group.

Membership Policy

We are happy to have everyone join the group. The experiences within the group will be enriched by full participation by many. However, the Organizers reserves the right to drop individuals from the group for lack of participation, inappropriate behavior, and actions not in the best interests of the group. That decision will be made by the Organizers. Additionally, new members must abide by the Cost of Becoming a Member, Photo, Limitations on Use of Member Contact Information, and all subsequent future policies to be described.

Cost of Becoming a Member

There is no set fee for membership in this Meetup group. The Organizers pay the required semi-annual Meetup dues to maintain the site and do the work to provide a variety of activities for the enjoyment of everybody. The Organizers will plan and execute the details of group events as best as can be done. However, some circumstances may develop that are beyond their control. Good members will appreciate those efforts with understanding when circumstances beyond control arise.

The Organizers will try to list events that do not require them to collect money. Meetup Events will be presented that may require a fee for attendance. Members will be directed to pay those fees when necessary.

Photo Policy

For consistency, new members must submit a photo of himself or herself. It is mandatory that you upload a current profile photo of yourself so that all members of this group can see who will be joining them on these events (in all fairness to the other members who have uploaded their photos).

Photos of pets and cute animals, cartoons, beautiful landscapes, flowers, etc. are not acceptable photographs. Photos prior to an event really do help when groups gather to verify that those who have indicated the desire to participate in an event have shown up.

Please understand that tracking compliance with this photo policy can become a time consuming administrative task. If you are dropped for violating this policy, it should not be taken personally. It is only fair that everybody comply equally.


Dennis and Colleen

Upcoming events (2)

Jamaican Medical Mission trip and Vacation.

Montego Bay

Hang out in the resort or assist with mission if interested.

Spring Break in Costa Rica

Needs a location

Planned stay at the RIU in Costa Rica

Past events (2)

Juan’s Mexican cafe and cantina

561 Bland Blvd

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