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(More than 70 free meetings since January 2016 ! )

Bonjour mes amis !

Ce groupe (GRATUIT) accueille les ADULTES (VOIR: http://bit.ly/why-adults ) des locuteurs de niveau débutant aux locuteurs natifs qui cherchent à mettre leurs compétences CONVERSATIONNELLES en langue anglaise en action.

This FREE group welcomes ADULTS (SEE: http://bit.ly/why-adults ) from beginners to 'native speakers' looking to put their English language conversation skills into action !

(N’oubliez pas de soutenir notre café/restaurant avec vos achats. We'll be the ones speaking English! Usually sitting at the tables outside! Please wait by the tables. Sometimes members are a little late due to traffic.)

NOTE !!! Le but des réunions est d'améliorer votre anglais et d'aider les autres à améliorer leur anglais. S'il vous plaît, prenez soin les uns des autres autant que possible. Veuillez parler doucement et gentiment. Certains membres sont un peu fragiles en anglais. Construisons leur confiance avec des mots doux et gentils. Il n'est pas nécessaire de résoudre les problèmes du monde à 'Partagez l'anglais'. Cela peut se faire en français après les réunions. :)

Partagez offers two types of FREE English conversation meetings :

(1) ONLINE English Conversation - Native level to beginners (Zoom).
(2) FACE-TO-FACE English Conversation - Native level to beginners (Jarry)

ORGANIZATION OF THIS GROUP: http://bit.ly/p-a-organization

One goal of our group is to help beginners and intermediate level speakers become more fluid and more spontaneous in their conversation. Beginners and intermediate level speakers often have a lot of knowledge about the English language, but they need more opportunities to gain confidence in actual conversation.

(Link for THOUGHTFUL ANONYMOUS FEEDBACK: http://v.ht/v6kY )

Another goal of the group is to build community ! We hope that members will get to know each other and care about each other. We hope that members will get invested in the dialog that they have with each other. Getting to know and care about each other will be another main source of motivation for returning to the meetings again and again! Languages are not easy. Sources of motivation are essential.

The sessions will be informal and oriented towards the initiative, creativity and curiosity of the individual participants.

The plan is to break into individual tables of FOUR people for English CONVERSATION. Half way through the evening two participants from each table are encouraged to move to a different table. Moving between tables reinvigorates the CONVERSATIONS. NOUS ÉVITONS D'AVOIR UNE GRANDE TABLE UNIQUE, CAR CELA CRÉE UNE AMBIANCE DOULOUREUSE ET INEFFICACE (https://www.meetup.com/Partagez-langlais-Guadeloupe/messages/boards/thread/50405867/0/#129925864) POUR LES PERSONNES QUI PARLENT L'ANGLAIS MOINS BIEN.

Please have your dictionaries, pens and paper at hand ! We often find ourselves delving into the fuller meaning of particular words.

I know that is is not so easy to participate in a new group for the first time... but you will find that 'language' people are nice people!

I know that it is hard to find the time... but consider an evening in English as a little gift to yourself! A gift that you surely deserve!

The number of people in Guadeloupe having interest in, knowledge of and good-will towards the English language has been impressive! Hopefully this MeetUp group can be a place to express and give value to all that interest and good will, while at the same time be a place where neighbours can get to know neighbours. I hope you will join us to explore/share/celebrate/grow your English CONVERSATION skills, have fun, and meet great new people!

TO JOIN THIS GROUP: https://www.meetup.com/Partagez-langlais-Guadeloupe/?action=join

Now remember... hold each other accountable. :) Don’t let anyone avoid speaking English! :) Also, don’t let any one person speak all the English. :) Ask each other lots of questions. Be exceedingly curious... almost impolitely curious. :) In fact if you are a less strong speaker, repeatedly pose questions! Those questions alone will begin to provide practice in speaking. Questions will draw you into conversation. Kids pose questions automatically, without constraint. So put aside the normal adult social rules and ask many questions, ask too many questions! :) For native and strong speakers, please also pose lots of questions. Please draw out those who hesitate to speak.

Salutations !

PS 1 - Please do not forget to support our café with your purchases.
PS 2 - There is no cost to become a member of this group. When you sign up to this site, supplying a photograph, or supplying your surname, or supplying your formal first name, or supplying supplementary information, is completely optional (En fait moi, je leur donne le moins d'informations possible. Mais ça c'est moi). I also limit the amount of email that I receive from MeetUp by editing the Email Notification Settings as follows: https://help.meetup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002879591-Editing-my-email-settings
PS 3 - Online RSVPs are compulsory. Thank you for your help!
PS 4 - Please RSVP to each meeting as early as you possibly can before each meeting. RSVPs can easily be changed if it turns out that you can't make the meeting. Early/visible on-line RSVPs encourages the participation of others. Early RSVPs make all the difference for the success of the group. Thanks for your help!

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