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'BALADE DANS LA NATURE' ! (alternate content: paid/english)
VENEZ 'BALADER DANS LA NATURE' ENSEMBLE !! EAST HUMBER TRAIL !! (Richmond Hill / Oak Ridges) A healthy/easy/beautiful nature walk! (I know that participants are nervous about coming to a MeetUp for the first time... but WORRY NOT... language people are nice people!!) ------------------------------------------------- Our regularly scheduled French conversation meetings are FREE. Our French conversation meetings will resume after a short summer pause. I occasionally schedule alternate meetings that have an ONLINE $2 paid RSVP. SEE: ------------------------------------------------- This will be an ENGLISH SPEAKING MeetUp. A break from our admirable dedication to the French language. Bring your friends and family! A chance get to know each other even further... IN ENGLISH! This will further stimulate our future conversations in French! --------------------------------------------------- (Absolutely nothing to lose by RSVPing EARLY... well, except maybe 2 bucks... your EARLY RSVPs will encourage others to also RSVP!) ---------------------------------------------------- (We will meet rain or shine.) The East Humber Trail is not a "grande rondonnée" but... it is a very, very, pleasant walk ! The trail head is not much more than a ten minute WALK from the corner of Yonge St. and King Road. SEE: Located in Richmond Hill/Oak Ridges this tranquil trail offers a relaxing setting for users to enjoy while connecting with nature. The trail provides a range of unique experiences as it passes through a variety of vegetation communities and landform features typical of the Oak Ridges Moraine and the East Humber River. MAP of full HUMBER RIVER WATERSHED: FRENCH CONNECTION: 1. We will walk to the end of the trail and back (total of about 3 Km). We should be able to do that leisurely, in an hour and a half. 2. The trail is very, very easy. No specialized hiking boots are required. 3. Never a bad idea to bring fluids and small snacks, even on a short hike. 4. We will not have access to washrooms or portable toilets... just the great outdoors! 5. Nice photo opportunities! PARKING: Parking is allowed on Parker Avenue and other nearby side Streets. --------------------------------------------------------- OPTIONAL POST WALK LUNCH: WILD WING Restaurant (Oak Ridges/Richmond Hill) SEE: (a five minute drive from the trail head) 13461 Yonge St, Unit 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0L2., 9O[masked] (North end of Oak Ridges, behind the Beer Store.) ---------------------------------------------------------- MEETUP RSVP (compulsory) : $2.00 per member /per guest / per event The RSVP payment process is built right into the RSVP process. Pay by your choice of Credit Card (detailed instructions: or with a PayPal account if you have one set up. There are no security issues with this on-line payment processor. They are the biggest and oldest on-line payment processor in the world. Payment is fully non-refundable. The RSVP fee will NOT BE ACCEPTED IN CASH (SEE:[masked] ). RSVP early - at the very worst you will have bought your faithful organizer a virtual cup of coffee - at best you will have helped build community! -------------------------------------------------------------- Let me have any questions/thoughts/ideas! (partagez.york (at) Salut ! Rob Organizer Organization of Partagez: PS-1 Meet by the entrance sign on the West side of Parker Ave. You can't miss us. It's a quiet spot. We will watch out for you and give you a welcoming wave! PS-2 Absolutely nothing to lose by RSVPing EARLY... well, except maybe 2 bucks... your EARLY RSVPs will encourage others to also RSVP!

East Humber Trail (opposite 15 Parker Ave.)

15 Parker Avenue · Richmond Hill, ON


What we're about


This group welcomes ADULTS (from francophones to beginners) looking to put their French language CONVERSATION skills into action.

(N’oubliez pas de soutenir notre café avec vos achats.)

Francophones and stronger speakers are encouraged to share their French language skills. Those needing a helping hand are encouraged to actively seek a helping hand. The meetings will be informal and oriented towards the initiative, creativity, curiosity and courage of the individual participants.

Nos membres sont merveilleusement disciplinés quand il s'agit de ne pas parler anglais.

Our plan is to break into individual tables of FOUR people for French CONVERSATION. Half way through the evening two participants from each table are encouraged to move to a different table. Moving between tables reinvigorates the CONVERSATIONS. NOUS ÉVITONS D'AVOIR UNE GRANDE TABLE UNIQUE, CAR CELA CRÉE UNE AMBIANCE DOULOUREUSE ET INEFFICACE POUR LES PERSONNES QUI PARLENT LE FRANÇAIS MOINS FORT.


I know it is hard to participate with a new group for the first time. But... be assured, 'language' people are nice people! I know is is hard to find the time... but consider it as a gift to yourself! A two hour gift that you surely deserve!

The number of people in York Region having interest in, knowledge of and good-will towards the French language has been impressive! Hopefully this MeetUp group can be a place to express and give value to all that good will, while at the same time be a place where neighbours can get to know neighbours. I hope you will join us to share/celebrate/grow your French CONVERSATION, have fun, and meet great new people!

PS 1 Please RSVP for the meetings. It encourages others to come out.
PS 2 Please do not forget to support our café with your purchases.
PS 3 There is no cost to become a member of this group. Our conversation meetings are free. When you sign up to this site, supplying a photograph, or supplying your surname, or supplying your formal first name, or supplying supplementary information is completely optional (En fait moi, je leur donne le moins d'informations possible. Mais ça c'est moi). I also limit the amount of email that I receive from MeetUp by editing the Email Notification Settings as follows:

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