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Parting Thoughts is an invitation to a series of conversations with Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Silvia Gale. These conversations are for women who have experience the death of a beloved--be it a parent, spouse, partner, child, family member or friend, and who are committed to finding health and wholeness for their lives again. This is a safe space of understanding, compassion, encouragement, maybe a little bit of dark humor (the kind one acquires while trying to make sense of the senseless), and support for those who have and/or are grieving a loss, regardless of how long ago your loss occurred. We are not a traditional support group nor an alternative for professional counseling. We are simply those left behind to share our own stories of struggles and triumphs, the departure from one phase of our life and entry into a new phase, (often referred to as our “new normal” if there is such a thing). So:

--If you've been dealing with the death of your loved one in silence and isolation.
--If you pretend to be happier than you really are because you don't want to be thought of as a 'Debbie Downer'.
--If you’ve stopped talking to others about the pain because it’s been years since your loss and you’re wondering if it’s ‘normal’ to still be feeling this way.
--If you wish you could talk to others who just "get it".
--If you feel you have insights to share that might help others on the grief journey.

Then I invite you to #JoinTheConversation.

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Loss and heartache do not define us. They are a part of our story, and stories are meant to be told.

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