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WELCOME TO: Partner Dancing - South Florida (ballroom, Latin, swing, disco, Argentine tango)

This is the place that will inspire you to enjoy social partner dancing (ballroom, Latin, swing, disco, Argentine tango, etc.). We'll show you the places to go dancing, and how simple it is to learn to do social partner dancing.

1) Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing. - James Brown

2) One may judge a king by the state of dancing during his reign. - Chinese proverb

3) Every day I count wasted in which there has been no dancing. - Nietzsche

4) The dance is the mother of all languages. - R. G. Collingwood

5) Dancers are the athletes of God. - Albert Einstein

6) Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music. - George Carlin

7) All dancing girls are nineteen years old. - Japanese proverb

8) Dance is the hidden language of the soul. - Martha Graham


Partner dancing grew spontaneously out of the folk and popular music of many different peoples over the centuries. People heard great music and had to move their bodies to it; the music was compelling. Sometimes the music, and the dance it generated, captured the essence of a whole culture, a period of history, a climatic and geographic energy, or an attitude toward sexuality and social values. Sometimes a new dance and its music captured the emerging spirit and personality of a transmuting generation struggling to break out of their parents' traditions and values.


Also, partner dancing is a microcosm of relationship. In partner dancing, we play with the polarities of masculine energy & feminine energy, leading & following, creativity/direction & flow/radiance - all the while opening to unity with the rhythm, the music, the room - until there are no more polarities but only the amazing blissful natural flow of life.


If you can walk with a little 'attitude', and if you can tap your foot to the rhythm of a song, if you can connect and cooperate, you can dance. Partner dances are simple and easy; and many of the dances are close cousins to each other and share steps (for example, if you learn the simple walk of Argentine tango, you've also learned the basics of nightclub slow dance, merengue, 2-step disco/hustle, blues, milonga, and reggaeton; if you learn the simple box step basic of European foxtrot, you've also learned the basics of rumba, waltz, and bolero). Plus, all dancing is just made up of 5 simple movements, combined in various creative, fun ways - you can step to the left, step to the right, step forward, step backward, pivot. That's it - five movements that are the components of all partner dancing.


Music affects us profoundly - it goes deep into our bodies, into our cells, into our hearts - bypassing the intellect and other censors. Music is primitive, primal, basic. If we listen to bland, sanitized music we become more bland and sanitized. If we listen to unconscious, lifeless music we become more unconscious and lifeless. Life grows where we put our attention. And all the more so if we not only just listen, but begin moving our whole bodies to it. Then we imbibe the music's qualities even more deeply. We build those qualities into our very muscles and sinews and nerves.

If we dance to conscious, vital music we become more conscious and vital. Our bodies reconnect to the life force of the universe and we become more alive. We remember from deep within that the universe is rich with sensual, emotional, spiritual energy, and we remember that it's OK to let those powerful energies flow through us and radiate out from us. It's more than OK - it's healthy, it's irresistible, it's reconnecting with our own source, our own vastness. And this is the kind of powerful music that gave birth to social partner dancing in the first place (and continues to fuel its evolution in dance clubs all over the world)!

This is the challenging, breathing, living popular music from which social partner dancing springs - music with heart and soul and sensuality. Isn't it time to feel the music, feel our bodies, feel our feelings, and reconnect to Life?


Your comments and questions and suggestions are warmly invited.


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