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What we’re about

Please join the Group to get updates on the latest meetup details and speaker info. If you are interested in speaking at our next meetup, please send a DM to the organizers and we will be in touch.

Our monthly meetup will explore the development, application, and social impact of AI and blockchain. Meetups will feature presentations and panels with leading executives, developers, and visionaries in the blockchain and AI industries, with networking time proceeding and following each meetup.

Topics will range from introductions to blockchain and AI for beginners, as well as deep dives to specific topics across the blockchain, crypto, and AI industries.

As the two leading technology drivers of the future, the intersection of Blockchain and AI has the potential to engender unique innovation and change in our society. Just as the internet disrupted every industry - AI and blockchain can do the same.

First there was bitcoin - Introducing a peer-to-peer network for digital currency transactions that take place without a central administrator.

Then there was Ethereum - with smart contracts that enabled trackable and irreversible agreements to be digitally facilitated, verified, and enforced without third parties. Now is the time for AI to bring about blockchain 3.0 - creating machine learning models as a byproduct of calculations on the blockchain and returning control of digital data back to the individual rather than corporate databanks. A forum for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and anyone interested, the meetup will host speakers exploring topics including security, economy, social media, healthcare, education and the future of human interactions as they related to AI on the blockchain.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon!