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Let's meet up and play the Villa Lobos Bachianas Brazileiras #1 (Preludio)
Since we have so many cellists, I would love to play this juicy piece for 8 cellos (starting with the second movement): The upper 4 parts are pretty challenging on cello (not so bad on viola :-) but the bottom two stands are lower. Check out the parts at,_W246_(Villa-Lobos,_Heitor) and if you're interested, comment and let me know. I'll pick a date a ways out if there's interest, so people can prepare.

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What we're about

This is a group for Pasadena-area adult classical musicians to network and get together to play chamber music for fun. Please invite all the string players you know in the area to join in -- the more the merrier! We have a good core group of violinists, violists, cellists, and pianists. We are also open to woodwinds (flute, clarinet, etc.) now that we have a solid group of string players.

When you join, please include in the first line of your introduction your primary instrument (violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, flute, etc.) at what level (using the modified ACMP self-rating scale below), so members can easily see in the list who plays what. If you are willing to answer the questions in more detail, too, great!

When you RSVP for meetups, please take note of the level of player the meetup host is asking for, and if you're "playing up," practice beforehand.

I host sessions approximately monthly at my house in Altadena. We have an open living room with live acoustics, and I have a Yamaha Clavinova electric piano.

If you would like to organize a meetup to play a certain piece at a certain level, you can do that! Everyone is empowered to host events (let me know if you need to be upgraded to "event organizer" status so you have this power). If your home isn't big enough, you can ask someone else to co-host and provide the venue.

Also feel free to message individual players to set up private sessions to play together. This group is yours to use to network and find people you will enjoy playing with! A lot of private sessions are happening that aren't posted.

Members are required to chip in nominal dues of $10/year, to help me pay the costs of the meet-up site, purchasing scores for music that is still under copyright, etc. This new dues structure was instituted when we crossed the 50-member threshold and allows the costs to be spread among all members, those who are coming to the publicly posted events, and those who are using the list to network for private sessions. Please let me know if the dues are a hardship for you -- I don't mean to exclude anyone!

Practical summary of the ACMP self-rating scale, for our purposes:

A/A+ (expert/pro) can sight-read anything cleanly at performance tempo, knows a lot of the repertoire, plays in tune with beautiful tone and phrasing, leads others

B (advanced) can play at performance tempo with preparation, sight-read well, play in tune with pleasant tone and phrasing, listen to other parts, adjust to other players, and get back in unassisted without stopping the group

C (intermediate) plays with good tone and intonation, and can hold own part, but may need to slow down on hard passages even with preparation, and is working on learning to listen to other parts and get back in after mistakes

D (novice) needs to play below performance tempo even with preparation, and is learning to play with good intonation, tone, rhythm, phrasing, etc. May need to double part with other players or be coached by more advanced players or teachers in order to get through a piece.

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