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Lightning talks are quick, micro presentations about an idea or concept to an audience.

The format of this lightning talk session will be 5 minute presentations with ~5 minutes for questions. Questions can be submitted over the video conferencing platform in group chat.

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Topics and Speakers In Order

7:00pm - Welcome, Updates and Ground Rules by Nathan Danielsen (Moderator)

7:10 - Keep Calm and Set Things on Fire by Andrea Kao

7:20 - Unsustainable & Unmaintainable: How to Do All the Things by Cam Sexton

7:30 - Probabilistic Data Structures by Kyle Polich

7:40 - Pomodoro is Agile by John Mitchell

7:50 - Why Smart Statistics Are the Key to Fighting Churn in a Subscription Business by Dr. Kanad Basu

8:00 - Python in the Time of Corona by Murriel McCabe

8:10 - The Age of the Microinfluencer: How to Grow Your Online Community by Elize

8:20 - Does Python know Linguistics? An NLP overview by Jose Montoro

8:30 - Why Docker is Great by Ravin Kumar

8:40 - Wrap Up and Thanks by Nathan Danielsen

Talk abstracts and speaker biographies can be found here:

Interested in giving a future lightning talk? Depending on how this goes, we'll be planning future remote / virtual events. Sign up here:

Here's some guidance about putting together a lighting talk:

- Any language/technology goes (you're not limited to Python).

- We will be cutting each talk off at five or 10 minutes (depending on the number of submissions), so please time yourself beforehand.

- Do not have more than 10 slides. Presentations must be on Google Drive.

- Make sure all fonts are at least 24pt.

- Make sure the your name, title, and whatever contact info you want to share are on at least one slide.

- Leave out any unnecessary background info and focus on one small thing.