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The Dark Eye, Waring Kingdoms campaign!
The Dark Eye is the new English edition of Germany’s premiere roleplaying game, Das Schwarze Auge, which was first introduced in 1984. Explore every corner of the Aventurian continent, filled with majestic dragons and monstrous dangers, sunken treasures and living gods. Stride as glorious hero through radiant cities and untouched wilderness, encounter fabulous creatures and sinister enemies, experience adventures beyond your imagination in a world similar, yet vastly different.. For over 2,000 years the Waring kingdoms have waged conflict with each other. Sometimes a simmering hatred that burns like the embers of a firepit, and sometimes a breeze stirs those embers back into a flame where armies march forth, and castles fall. Join our adventure, where the Heroes of Andergast stand near the borders of their realm ready to face the conflict headed toward their battlements. Will they champion the knightly code of Civalry, and defend those in their charge? Will they fan the flames of a greater conflict that leads them to war? CAn they win fame, glory, and riches? Or will they become the next band of bandits plaguing the land they once championed.... *Currently the table is full, but feel free to stop by, or drop a word of interest, as the winds of fate can be fickle, and who knows when Praios or Rondra will send forth new champions.

Game Empire

1795 E Colorado Blvd · Pasadena, CA

What we're about

This is the place for Pasadena area RPG players from Starfinder, Pathfinder, D&D and Shadow of the Demon Lord, as well as GMs from all other RPGs to meetup!

To sign up for a game at our upcoming Meetup, simply select the game you would like to attend and choose RSVP now.

We meet at Game Empire in Pasadena on the first and third Saturday of every month and run ad hoc games throughout the week. On weekends, games generally start at 10am, 2:30pm and 5pm. So if you're a player or group of players looking for a GM, or a GM looking for a fun group of players, sign up to join us at our next meetup. Let's make this a great day of role-playing! No matter what edition of D&D or other RPG you play, this group is for you! We love newbies! We love oldies! er, experienced players!

GMs can setup a game with players on this board beforehand, or just show up and take first-comers. Games pre-filled on this site will have first shot at table space.

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