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Our Next Digital Marketing Meetup For SMB's
What to expect from our upcoming meetup: Get first-hand knowledge from our members as they share their challenges and successes they are having using social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Hear from members talking about winning social tactics and strategies they are using today to help grow sales and followers. Learn from our members on how they are creating successful email sale campaigns and follow up funnels, and the strategies they use to generate sales, and building connections with customers. Find out how members are tapping into Youtube and leveraging this powerful sales channel. Talk with others and find out how you too can leverage the power of YouTube, as a sales channel. Do you run paid search campaigns? Find out how other members are using paid media channels like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, YouTube ads, Google Display Network, Direct Mail and others to win sales in this competitive eCommerce landscape. If you love ecom news then you'll love our weekly state of the union of all things e-commerce: print on demand, social selling, product copy, product sourcing, Amazon FBA, Shopify, product trends, and trends and new services. Find out what's new in tech. Here from our members as they uncover new and untapped tools and services to help gain new customers and e-com sales. Discover things like chatbots and Facebook messenger for both selling and customer growth. Plus Networking: Make a new friend, connect with old friends, find that new business partner or collaboration partner. Our community is all about sharing and helping one another to grow product ideas, sales or just make new connections. I look forward to seeing you at our next meetup. Regards, Andrew

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What we're about

Competition is more fierce than ever before and getting, retaining and finding new customers is getting harder and harder. Online retail is taking a huge bite out of local main street and big brand franchises.

The online retailers are using their muscle to blanket a local area with their big dollars in marketing and it’s making it hard for the small guys to compete and keep their doors open.

It is hard enough finding employees, dealing with local business issues, managing inventory, accounting, store theft, customer service, etc. It’s almost as though you end up having to run your business day to day rather than working to grow your business (i.e. acquiring new customers, retargeting existing customers, and adding new sales channels).

The good news is there is a huge opportunity for you can outflank and maneuver the big guys while retaining your loyal customers in addition to finding new customers.

The Pasadena Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Local Business meetup is just what business owners need to retain their customers, obtain new customers, and explode their revenue and growth with simple action marketing tactics and strategies.

My goal is to help you grow your business 10x through new revenue ideas, obtaining new customers while get more revenue out of your current customers.

If you want your business to grow while having more free time and revenue to do the things you always wanted then you need to join our meetup. Twice a month you will learn tactics and strategies that you can take away each week and implement. In addition this will be a great way to network with other smart and like minded local business CEO’s as well. What to expect from our meetup:
- What we’ll cover: How to create simple repeatable local marketing systems.
- How long: This meetup will be 1 hour (8:30am - 9:30am) based on attendance/participation.
- How the info will be covered: We look to do it in group discussion format.
- The objective of the meetup: Is to give one simple actionable marketing tactic you can take away and implement in your business that week.

The obtained skill or knowledge that you will gain include:
*Implementing marketing systems
*How to create killer user customer-generated content to use in your social media channels.
*The right way to do email marketing.
*How to run local Facebook ads that are ROI focused .
*How to find local influencers to create a buzz around your brand.
*Simple ways to get reviews on Google places and Yelp.
*How to set up your Facebook business and Instagram pages right way.
*How to create giveaways and contests to build your customer email list.
*How run email promotions to fill your store any day of the week.
*How to work with other business owners to cross-promote your businesses and generate new sales.
*How to build continuity offers that result in monthly automated cash machines. If you find this of value, please join our meetup and start learning how to increase your revenue and customer base today, while becoming the local marketing guru you always knew you had inside you.

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