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This is a group for those new and old to Buddhism. The Wednesday night Meetup begins with 20-30 minutes of breathing, relaxation and visualisation meditation followed by an hour talk on introductory Buddhist concepts and philosophy. If you are just looking for a quick wind down feel free to just come at 7.30pm for meditation and bugger off, or stay for the talk, a cup of tea and a chat.

The Tuesday night Meetup is for those yogis and yoginis who are practicing Vajrayana and seeking to understand the nature of reality through dialectics and reasoning approach of tenets.

These Meetups are held in my private house in Pascoe Vale 900 metres from the train station

Who am I?
I am just a bug, but I have been studying Buddhism with much endeavour for nearly 28 years, and 20 of those were under the guidance of the great Tibetan Master Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden who passed away in 2011. I am a huge fan of His Holiness Dalai Lama and I study and practice his lineage.

I have a background in IT, I love science and I'm the funniest person I know (and humble). I have a 'Brady Bunch' family, a Labrador and I think there is a cat here somewhere.....

Full disclosure: I do not represent Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, HH Dalia Lama, Tibetan Buddhism or any Buddhist organisation. I am a longtime enthusiastic amateur who is happy to find others interested in this path for study and practice.

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