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You're in the right place if you ...

• have a passion for testing

• have a will to learn

• want to learn more about exploratory testing

• want to try new testing techniques and methods in order to see what could work in your context

• are interested in both hands-on testing as well as its theoretical aspects want to experiment with collaborative testing

• want to explore how to improve cooperation among software engineering roles

• want to help the open-source community by testing systems and give valuable feedback

• want to help research in this field by sharing the artifacts we generate in our testing and experiments

• want to network with other testers in Gothenburg

If this feels right for you, you're welcome to apply for membership.

We are now partnered with Ministry of Testing ( https://www.ministryoftesting.com/ ).

You can join their slack channel at https://ministryoftesting.slack.com

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Online: Mobile Performance for Functional QA Engineers

Online event

Hi, hope you still do well during these strange times. It's time for our first online event. We will get a demo from Experitest CTO, Guy Arieli about Mobile Performance for Functional QA Engineers. Agenda 18:00 Gather and chat a little 18:10 Guys presentation 18:55 QA session 19:30 End of meetup Description: The customer’s digital experience when using your mobile application has become a crucial factor for your business success. This is why the focus of performance testing is moving from back-end systems to User Experience performance: transaction duration time, battery consumption, network download, CPU consumption, Speed Index, and more. Join the session if you want to learn: * Why is it important to test UX Performance early and continuously as part of your CI/CD pipeline? * What are the benefits of integrating UX Performance testing as part of Functional testing? * What are the required steps and skills to integrate UX Performance testing into your continuous testing pipeline?

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