What we're about

You're in the right place if you ...

• have a passion for testing

• have a will to learn

• want to learn more about exploratory testing

• want to try new testing techniques and methods in order to see what could work in your context

• are interested in both hands-on testing as well as its theoretical aspects want to experiment with collaborative testing

• want to explore how to improve cooperation among software engineering roles

• want to help the open-source community by testing systems and give valuable feedback

• want to help research in this field by sharing the artifacts we generate in our testing and experiments

• want to network with other testers in Gothenburg

If this feels right for you, you're welcome to apply for membership.

We are now partnered with Ministry of Testing ( https://www.ministryoftesting.com/ ).

You can join their slack channel at https://ministryoftesting.slack.com

Upcoming events (2)

Test Clinic


Let's meet over beers at newly refurbished Haket and discuss our testing issues. Together we have the knowledge and creativity to solve almost anything! If you would like to preorder your food you can find the menu here: http://www.linnestaden.nu/Haket/mat/hakets-meny/ . Send me (Lisa) a message on the 21/1 at the latest and I will hand in any orders in advance.

Workshop about Exploratory Testing


Jonas Breisel from Test Scouts will lead a workshop about the differences between Scripted Testing and Exploratory Testing. It will give you the aha feeling about how powerful Exploratory Testing can be for finding bugs. It will also give an understanding about when to use which one of the different testing methods. The workshop will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. Note the workshop is directed to testers that are new to the profession.

Past events (53)

Test and Automation - Open Space

Evolve technology

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