• Test and Automation - Open Space
    Test and Automation is a hot topic in most development organisations. What should we automate? Why should we automate? And How? Who should do the automation? Which levels of test automation do we need? Do we automate deployments? What tools do we need? How can we automate setup of test environments? How do we manage and maintain our automation? During this Open Space session we will set the agenda together and form discussion groups based on topics we find intriguing.

    Evolve technology

    Östra hamngatan 50B · Göteborg

  • Lean coffee then dinner with test discussions
    Göran Bakken visit Gothenburg, so we meetup and talk testing. Some coffee, test discussions and good company followed up with some nice dinner at Bombay. Thank you, Inceptive who sponsors with a place to have our coffee. You all have to pay for your dinner and drinks afterwards.

    Inceptive-labs Gothenburg

    Lindholmspiren 7 · Göteborg

  • Workshop about Exploratory Testing
    Jonas Breisel from Test Scouts will lead a workshop about the differences between Scripted Testing and Exploratory Testing. It will give you the aha feeling about how powerful Exploratory Testing can be for finding bugs. It will also give an understanding about when to use which one of the different testing methods. The workshop will take around 1.5 to 2 hours. Afterwards it will be room both for questions and mingle. Test Scouts will sponsor the event with sandwiches. We take a break in the middle to eat these. Note the workshop is directed to testers that are new to the profession.

    Test Scouts

    Åvägen 14 · Göteborg

  • The Drunken Hamster approach to DevOPS
    DevOps is a common buzzword nowadays that is sold as “the solution to everything” and as such it raises a lot of questions. For instance, is it really something everyone should do or can do regardless of context? How does it work? Do you need to go from quality assurance to quality assistance to succeed? And most importantly, why shouldn’t you be afraid of the drunken hamster? In this presentation, I will try to answer the questions above and more. I will talk about the journey I’ve been on together with my team over the last couple of years and the different challenges we have dealt with during our transformation to DevOps and how it changed the way I look at test forever. Daniel Karlsson from Collector Bank will give us a preview of his coming keynote at TestIT. It is our job to give him feedback so that he can tweak it for an outstanding performance at TestIT in Malmö. This meetup is sponsored by Testverkstaden and AddQ. Agenda: - Start with some snacks and something to drink - Presentation of Passion for Testing - Sponsor AddQ presents themselves - Sponsor Testverkstaden present themselves - Daniel Karlsson gives his speech - Short break - Discussions - Finish at 21:00


    Odinsgatan 11 · Göteborg

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  • TestClinic - Summer pub!
    Bring your test problems to this awesome pub and awesome crowd. We help each other with our every days test issues. In TestSverige-slack we discussed organising a Testkollo: test discussions in open space setup, tents, food and fun. Any takers to organize this? Some of us consider writing a book on testing on leanpub.com. Let's discuss! If you intend to eat, you can find the menue here: http://www.linnestaden.nu/Haket/mat/hakets-meny/ Notify the bar prior to the visit what you wish to eat or be prepared to be more limited in what is available. See you there! BR, Martin & Fredrik


    Första Långgatan 32, · Göteborg

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  • Reflections on testing Machine Learning systems
    Seal Software is sponsor for this evening! Agenda: 17:30 Some snacks and drinks 18:00 The lecture followed by discussions in groups Introduction: It is the times when ML is becoming omnipresent in numerous technologies surrounding us, AI is a buzzword for such systems which take crucial decisions on which human lives depend. However, the core of these systems, namely ML models remain outside the scope of rigorous testing. There is very little in both academic literature and software engineering discussions about what vulnerabilities exits and how predictable (or unpredictable) such systems really are. While there exists another paradigm where ML is used to speed up/create/maintain automatic tests, we will only focus on the paradigm where we look for systematic (if possible) way to QA such AI systems powered by ML. Crucial questions which needs answers are such as: How to detect bugs, anomalies, randomness, errors etc in ML systems? We may not always know the exact input. As such systems are geared towards unstructured and often noisy input. Therefore we may not always know the exact output and especially what the correct answer is after all. How strict should we be with the criteria to allow tests to pass or fail (should there be a scale? a threshold? an exact value or fuzzy value?). How do we search for weakness or adversarial attacks and the exploitation of these weekness of the ml system? In ML we talk about supervised and unsupervised training in order to derive and ML model. If we focus on supervised ML - we have two stages, a training stage and classification (i.e. the application of a model) stage. How do we design tests for the training stage? Often we depend on training data, but how can we verify that the data is sound and correct for the given task. Most ML systems are measured on the basis of their precision, recall, f-measure, accuracy. These metrics are calculated based on a given gold standard data set. Quality, diversity and sanity of this data is vital. But are these statistical measures the only way to test and QA the training stage? AI systems make mistakes, which are gradually corrected with more data (or cleaning data) so the same mistakes will not repeat but new ones may be introduced. So testing may need to be dynamic. Format: We would like to open the floor for discussion, ideas and cooperation regarding QA for ML-powered systems. Reference: https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/research.google.com/en//pubs/archive/45742.pdf

    Seal Software - Contract Discovery and Analytics

    Kungsgatan 34, 1 tr · Gothenburg

  • Meeting the teststudents - IT Högskolan
    • What we'll do Students of vocational studies in testing at IT Högskolan want to meet real testers who can talk about their experiences as testers. When you sign up to this meetup you agree to talk about what you do as a tester. Our audience will be the students. • What to bring Ability to speak about your experience in front of a audience of test students. Agenda: - Each tester present how they work with testing today (~10 min each) - We split classroom in groups of students, one tester per group to answer questions. (We switch groups depending on time)

    IT Högskolan

    Ebbe Lieberathsgatan 18c · Göteborg

  • Curiosity for fun and profit
    Karl-Magnus Möller, innovation consultant at Unicornsulting Innovation AB, speaks about curiosity. As a tester, curiosity is our platform and what makes us valuable in a team. "A tester is someone who knows that things can be different", quote from Gerald Weinberg We are the adventurers of the unknown. We use curiosity to ask valuable "What if"-questions. Sponsor: ÅF is sponsoring us with some fika during the talk in their office.

    - ÅF Consulting

    Grafiskavägen 2 · Göteborg

  • Experience Report from Husqvarna Construction Products in Jonsered
    Jonas Breisel from Consat will give an experience report from Husqvarna Construction Products. - It will start with a demo of Husqvarna’s machinery park at their Product Center in Jonsered - A presentation of their change from Ad Hoc testing to an agile working method By attending talks, conferences, reading books, blogs and articles they have gotten new ideas. These theories and ideas are then tested in practice to see how it could work in reality. There have also been a new industry standard they had to adopt their organization to. Sponsored by Husqvarna, who will provide some snacks and drinks.

    Husqvarna Product Center

    William Gibsons väg 1 · Göteborg

  • Test Clinic - planning of 2018
    A test clinic is about talking about testing, sharing ideas and getting help for your every day test problems. We will plan upcoming meetups for 2018. Here are some starter questions that I want you to consider: - At SAST Q3 2018, should we offer to do the testlab? If so, who wanna join in? - Should we host our own miniconferens in Gothenburg? - How do we wish use the slack TestSverige for own purposes? - Do you have any suggestion on subjects you wish to hear on the meetups? - Do you have any suggestion on specific speakers you want to listen to? - Do you have any specific problem that we could do a workshop on? - Do you wish to help out organising meetups? - ... plus any topics that you think interesting ... If you intend to eat during the meetup, you need to book food one week before the event, latest 23/2: http://www.linnestaden.nu/Haket/mat/hakets-meny/ Note! As bonus to this meetup, Haket is also hosting a Synt-evening at the same time.


    Första Långgatan 32, · Göteborg