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Xinyao (新谣 ) Focus Group
Xinyao (Chinese: 新谣; pinyin: Xīnyáo) is a genre of songs that is unique to Singapore, where the songs are composed and sung by Singaporeans and are often about life within the country. Xinyao can be clearly identified by its distinctive style of clean acoustics, with a group of people singing and harmonizing together, usually accompanied solely by the guitar. As the movement grew and became semi-commercialized in the early 1990s, more sophisticated accompaniments with drums, castanets etc. were adopted. Xinyao is a Chinese noun comprising two words: Xīn (新) which is an abbreviation for Singapore, and yáo (谣) for song. The extended form is Xīnjiāpō gēyáo (新加坡歌谣), which simply means "Singapore songs". History In the Chinese music scene, the local xinyao movement started in mid-1980s and was the source of a number of success stories in today's regional Chinese pop music industry.[1] This genre had its roots in the 1980s within local schools, who were influenced school campus songs (校园民歌) from Taiwan. The Taiwanese folk genre sought an authentic native Taiwan identity exemplified by songs such as "Grandma's Penghu Bay" (外婆的澎湖湾). The rise in popularity of the school campus song movement (校园民歌) especially among the Chinese students and schools came at a time of major education reforms led by then Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Mr Goh Keng Swee which sought to streamline and align Chinese education into the national syllabus, which can be interpreted as an spontaneous reaction to assert identity against these changes similar to the Taiwanese genre. Early pioneers of this style of music include Wong Hong Mok, Liang Wern Fook, who has since become a prolific local songwriter, Billy Koh who discovered & groomed many successful Singapore artistes into the Asia Chinese-Pop music scene (including Kit Chan, A-Do and JJ Lin), Li Wei-Song, Li Si-Song, and Eric Moo. Songs such as "A Step at a Time" (一步一步来) written and sung by xinyao artists were popular with those born in the mid-1960s to 1970s. In 1983, the song "Encounter" (邂逅), a duet by Eric Moo and Huang Hui-zhen, became the first xinyao song to make it to the Mandarin pop song ranking chart "Pick of Pops" (新加坡龙虎榜) on Singapore's radio station. The song was part of a xinyao album (明天21) released in 1983/1984 and is considered by some[2] as the landmark album that brought xinyao to the mainstream. The creation of this album by Billy Koh, Koh Nam Seng, Huang Yuan Cheng, Zhang Jia Qiang and Colin Goh also led to the birth of what would become 海蝶音乐 / Ocean Butterflies International, a major Singaporean/Pan Asian music publishing house. Note from Organiser : Hi Passionatics after thinking through over the past few days on how I can bring something different to the other groups out there ; We realised we have a very diverse group of musicians and singers here with various backgrounds and music interest ; and many require different kind of setups in their respective events eg . Someone with classical background might totally be not interested in Pop music and vice versa eg . An EDM music sharing sessions setup might just require a projector or a connection to a sound system as compare to a songwriting group which need a more private space with guitars and keyboards Therefore , it make a lot of sense to create different Focus groups here for different Genre of music especially for less popular music Genre like EDM (Electronic Digital Music) and classical , Spanish Flamenco Music , Punk Rock , Raggae and so on ; A separate whatsapp/Telegram chat group will be created for each separate group We will organise events for that specific group more regularly once we have gather enough members (around 10 members or more) for that particular genre and preferably some Leaders/Organisers for the different groups Passion Music Network is open to working with other meetup groups so feel free to recommend your friends and likeminded personals to come and share their music and passion with us you can reach me at my handphone [masked]

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What we're about

Passion Music Network is a unique platform to gather passionate individuals with regards to all things music ; attending Music Festivals and events ; songwriting , music collaboration , music performances , open mics , open jamming and maybe even busking in future ; Its all about the music !!! *

This is an extension of my other groups (feel free to check them out)

Passionktv ( passionktv) and

Passion Club ( )

What this Meetup Group is about

My aim of setting up this music meetup group is to create a community of musicians and songwriters and music lovers for both established musicians and aspiring artist ;

* Who should join: Describe your ideal members

all aspiring and established musicians and songwriters and music makers and lovers

* Why you should join:

To share and learn from each other and to share our love of music creation and performance , or have fun through observing each other style and taste in music

* What members can expect: Describe typical activities

1) Music Sharing , Open Mics

2) Promotion of workshops and Gigs and Events and Music Festivals ;

either singing or songwriting or guitar or any music instruments ; Open to members to propose their workshops , gigs and Festivals to us ; commercial or otherwise ; I am not affiliated to any commercial entity so feel free to approach me for promotion of your own events

3) Busking (an new idea of getting members to form Busking groups to jam and have fun together)

4) Songwriting and music collaboration

this will be more of a extension after friendships and trusts are formed ; though a mandatory session can be done ; Legal rights to whatever songs written through collaboration will be decided between the participants for that particular song

5) Various Music Genre Groups

Some events will be based on genre like Chinese pop , Xinyao (新瑶) , English pop , RnB , Jazz , EDM , Rock

6) Open Jamming

either booking a jamming studio or jamming on stage

7) Formation of a music channel page on Youtube promoting originals and covers performance and Mvs like Indie2go (korean music platform) on Youtube

for this we will need videographers or a movie filming setup so I will be looking for videographers who is willing to work with us

For Passionatics who'd like to join us as organizers or host events on an occasional basis, please feel free to let us know. We'd like you to join us in making this community more vibrant than it already is !!!!

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