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This group is designed for entrepreneurs who's main focus is passive income. We will discuss ideas and new methods to generate passive income through low start-up cost businesses.

No experience necessary. You just have to be passionate about changing your life to live the way you want to live. Freedom of time and money.

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1st Meeting - Intro

The Nest

Hello! This will be our groups first meeting. I will go over a little bit of my experience and ask those that attend to do the same. I will give a few different examples of passive income that I know about and/or have done myself. For those that wish to dive in deeper and quicker, I will provide a reading list. With this group, I want a partnership. I want to see individual success achieved from group efforts. Share knowledge with each other. Share tools and tricks/tips with each other. Learn, build, and grow from what everyone else in the group is doing. I plan on succeeding in life and retiring way before the standard age of "half my life has gone by". If you don't believe someone can start from scratch and retire in a year's time, this probably isn't the group for you. (Retire: make the same (or more) amount of money passively that you would make working full-time.) I'm not saying everyone in this group is going to retire in a year.. but I'm saying it's definitely possible. It just depends on how much time/resources you have, how creative you can think, and how well you know how to work past obstacles. (And NO. This is NOT a MLM thing or anything close to it! Although I don't knock the concept. Lol) I won't try to sell you anything, sign you up for anything, or even try to convince you to do what I'm doing. I just want to inform people on other ways to make money!

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